Category: Action

This category contains games which are called as action games. This genre is associated with video games that emphasize physical challenges, including hand-eye coordination and reaction time. The objective is to succeed in compliction of all levels and bosses presented in a game.

Star Wars Battlefront feature 0

STAR WARS: Battlefront trial

STAR WARS: Battlefront trial As usual, Origin gives me opportunities to play games for free. Today I had a strong desire to play STAR WARS: Battlefront trial. Each trail in Origin has got its...

Castle-Crashers-feature 0

Castle Crashers Review

Castle Crashers quick review Are you tired of long and hard video games? Did you have an idea to return to your childhood and spend an evening or two playing something easy and funny?...

Battleblock-theater-feature 0

Battleblock Theater Review

Battleblock theater review What a lovely evening I had yesterday! What can be better than spending a relaxing evening playing a casual game? Nothing! Especially, after a hard day. So, I decided to return...