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Card Crawl is a new game designed as a solitaire style games. Here you can play with a modified deck of standard cards. Meaning that all the cards with one master are always the same but you can modify them with ability cards. The main purpose is to clear the dungeon that contains 54 cards. There you can kill monsters, find item cards and manage your limited inventory. Each game you will have 5 ability cards in the dungeon, those cars you can modify in the lobby and open new with the earned gold. To learn more specific information about this game you can visit their official website.

Card Cawl Game Types

Besides, the main game you can open other game types and play them for fun and gold. Also through your game experience, you can open new car keepers and their dungeons will be different to the one you start with.

Card Crawl Game Types

Some of the other game types are Daily Deck, Constructed, Deck Merchant and normal. In Daily Deck, you play as in Normal but every day there is a random deck. Also, there is a rating table to get there you obtain points. Constructed type differs from Normal with one thing. There you can pick what ability cards will appear in the dungeon. Deck Merchant has a modified deck with random stats. You can meet a monster from Normal but with 15 attack points instead of 3, for instance.

Card Crawl Gameplay

The gameplay is really easy. As you can see there is a table where the card keeper deals you cards. The first row contains four dungeon cards you need to get rid of three of them. The second row is your champion and your gear.

Card Crawl Gameplay

You can use two item cards or put one of them in your inventory. Also, you can defeat monsters. Now there is shown that your champion has 13 health points out of 13. If you decide to fight the Plague card your health points will decrease to 11 out of 13. The aim of the game to get rid of all the Dungeon cards and stay alive (at least 1/13 health points). Besides, equipping items and killing monsters you can sell cards to the shop and earn some gold.

Card Crawl Quests

Through your game experience, you will need to make several quests to open new game options. Some quests will open new card dealers and their dungeons.

Card Crawl Quests

Other quests were made to open new champion classes.

Card Crawl Ability Cards

This cards you can open with gold. Each of them has unique properties that will help you to win the game. Also, by opening new ability cards you open new game types and complete some of the quests.

Card Crawl Ability Cards

As you can see Card Crawl is a very inspiring game. You can play it casually or concentrate on different quests or other features to make your game even more interesting. And what do you think of this game? Let’s discuss.


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