This category contains card games. Such games are usually depend on the deck that you can obtain and play with it to become victorious. Card games can have different purposes. Some will focus on killing monsters in a dungeon, others on competing your opponent. Some of them can be rather casual, when others are pretty hard and interesting. Learn more about different types of card games on this page.

Solitairica Review

Solitairica One of the best casual card games on Steam is called Solitairica. First, we weren’t really excited about it, but as we moved on playing, we realized it’s absolutely brilliant! Let’s start from the basis. You start your journey to Castle…

Reigns Review

Reigns – Long may he reign Since I first started the Reigns game, I knew I was done! Everything became grey and boring in comparison with this great game. From the first sight, it may be simple and even easy.…

Card Crawl Review

Card Crawl is a new game designed as a solitaire style games. Here you can play with a modified deck of standard cards. Meaning that all the cards with one master are always the same but you can modify them…


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