King's League II Review

King’s League II Review

Read Expert Gamer Reviews’ King’s League II Review. Here you will know everything about games gameplay, graphics and other ratings. To check some extra information about the game you can visit their official website.

King’s League II Gameplay

King’s League II is a colourful simulator, where you collect, train and upgrade your team to win in the main tournament and become the greatest team in Kurestal of all time!

King's League II Modes

There are two modes in the game: Story Mode and Classic Mode. In the first one, Story Mode, you will engage in an outstanding story of the main hero Maxwell. He decided to become a CHampion of Kurestal in the King’s League. To participate in the tournament you will need to recruit new champions, train, level up and get new equipment. But that is not all! In addition to the tournament and all things related to it, you will also get a lot of important knowledge and tasks.

King's League II Quests

For instance, completing challenges for increasing monthly tribute. You will investigate and clear dungeons for valuable artefacts. And even more, fighting on arena or completing situative quests, will give you currency rewards together with a reputation in guilds. That in its turn will open new opportunities for you. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry! As all way through Story Mode, you will be accompanied by storyline dialogues and tips, that will clear the things up for you.

Kings League 2 Gameplay

In the Classic Mode, you will create your own story. Therefore you will choose starting settings of the world and deep into the game one more time but in a new way! However, walkthrough of Story Mode will influence parameters of the Classic Mode. So we recommend you complete King’s League II Story Mode first. That’s how you understand the basics of the game and open new characters for the Classic Mode.

Graphics and Controls

The graphic is very colourful and bright, even though it is a 2D game. Main characters well-drawn not only in dialogues but also in fights. And the locations will please with their beauty and uniqueness.

Kings League 2 Graphics

In King’s League II you can play with a gamepad, although you need only a mouse to play. Controls are intuitively recognizable, however, in some situations, it may let you down. For example, when you choose recruits for a fight, as you need to pick each of them every time once again.

Sound and Narrative

Very atmospheric music will surround you through all the game.

King's League II Narrative

And as for the narrative. You will find it only in a Story Mode, but during all the time you spend in this mode, you will enjoy in-game dialogues! You will meet dozens of unique NPCs, which will influence your becoming of Kurestal hero. Moreover, they will bring into the game process something new, whether it is a new recruit or a new dungeon with treasure!

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