Category: MMO

This category contains games, which are called MMOs or massively multiplayer online games. Such games can support a great number of players all over the world on one server. Usually, they have a massive world with different creatures and options that you can do with them.

Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend on Steam feature 0

Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend on Steam

This weekend Steam has announced great news about Hi-Rez Studios Publisher Weekend event. Hi-Rez comes to the store with its three flagman games: Smite, Paladins and Realm Royale to give all their players absolutely free bundles. We...

Path of Exile Betrayal Feature 0

Path of Exile Betrayal: Announcement Video

Today we are excited about the announcement of new big updated coming to one of the most popular role play games. Path of Exile Betrayal is promise to be fresh-new and bring together with...

Paladins-feature 0

Paladins Review

Paladins – Champions of the Realm We have awesome news today! Have you already played this new First Person Shooter called Paladins? If no, you just have to read this article. So, Paladins Champions...

champion reveal Kai’Sa feature 0

League of Legends – New champion reveal Kai’Sa

Riot has announced the new champion reveal Kai’Sa. This news made us really excited. Let’s see what new features this champion brings with it. First of all, let’s talk about some lore. So Kai’Sa is also called the...

Lunar 2018 League of Legends Feature 0

Lunar 2018 Limited-Time Event

We are happy to announce that annual event in League of Legends is live now. This year we meet a dog year with Lunar 2018 event that brings with it a lot of new interesting...

Swain Champion Gameplay after rework 0

Swain Champion Gameplay after rework

We are happy to share with you an announcement about latest updates in the League of Legends game. As you may know, Riot has announced that they were going to rework one of their champions...