New NPC and Player outfit in Portia
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New NPC and Player outfit in Portia

Today on the 15th of October Pathea Games has released some brand new DLC for My Time at Portia. Now you can buy a new outfit in Portia for you character and in addition to that an outfit for the NPCs in game. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Besides, it means that developers work on improving the game and soon we will see even more great new content.

My Time at Portia New Portian outfit news

The only thing that was a bit sad is that NPCs’ outfit is not universal. So you cannot use an outfit met for Ginger for Emily and vice verse. But nevertheless, we have eight new pairs of outfit in Portia and it is cool.

As you may already guessed, the lucky eights that got their brand new clothes consists of: Doctor Xu, Phillis, Ginger, Gust, Sam, Mint, Arlo and Emily. You can see all of them above.

Moreover, you can encourage them to wear the clothes you like. To do so you need to use the “social” setting in the menu, tick the new outfit and NPCs will wear your shiny new clothes the next day when you wake up.

You can also tick both default and the new outfit to make it so they wear a random outfit every day!

by My Time at Portia

As for the player costumes. You will be able to wear all the eight new outfits in Portia. Besides, they will fit the look of your partner! If your partner is one of the eight NPCs we talked about before.

My time at Portia is on sale!

Player outfit in Portia

Both packs are soled separately. If you don’t own My Time at Portia yet there is good news for you! Today is the first day of sale for the game. You can check My Time at Portia’s Steam page to get %25 discount! Hurry up as sale ends on 21st October.



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