Path of Exile Blight announcement
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Path of Exile Blight announcement

We are all happy to know that Path of Exile is opening a new league in the game called Blight. A few days ago we Grinding Gear Games posted a detailed Blight announcement video on their official YouTube page. If you haven’t seen it yet we suggest you watch it. So here it is.

As you can see from Blight league official trailer it is going to be something completely new, which has never hit Path of Exile before. We understand why many of you think that Blight is going to combine classical RPG with Tower Defense genre. But we do think it will appear to be far beyond that actually. To prove that thought we recommend you reading Blight announcement details on POE official website. Or just continue reading our post to know all important features of Path of Exile’s new league.

Blight announcement- what’s new

So, first of all, you need to know that Blight starts on 6th September so it is high time to pick the build you’d like to try in the new league.

Path of Exile Blight announcement post

As for the league itself. As it is mentioned in Blight announcement, you will need to help stopping the deadly Blight spreading across the area by building towers that will help you kill monsters on the way.

With a new master, who usually appears every new league Sister Cassia you will experience new ways of enchanting items. As well as see particularly new items, skills, supporting gems and plenty of other interesting things. Moreover, you’ll see how two old leagues have been integrated to the core of the game.

Blight League gameplay

While playing you will see a destroying Blight with paths to portals. When hit the Blight will trigger portals to let the monsters out. Your job is to destroy the Blight with a help of powerful towers that Chill, Shock, Stun, Burn, Summon, Empower, Petrify and Debilitate your enemies. Moreover, you will have a chance to enchant your rings to empower these towers even more.

Besides, leveling up phase you will face Blight league content in end-game phase while clearing maps. There are several blighted maps that will contain a gigantic Blight with dozens paths and really valuable rewards.

As for the rewards. Besides new enchantments (which a re pretty cool) you’ll see new unique items. There are four of them and together they form a set that can be integrated together with Notable Passives.

Game core changes in Blight league

But also you’ll see some other changes. Such as a new system of Master Missions. Now you can stack them for later and combine together to get more rewards.

Moreover, there are three reworked archetypes:

To learn about every archetype follow our updates as we will write detailed separate post about them later.

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