Category: RPG

This category contains games which are called RPGs or Role-playing games. Such games can be described as those where a player can assume a role of characters presented in a game. Usually, those characters are fictional and a player appears in a made-up world full of magic, strange creatures and has to save the world from a great Evil.

Path of Exile Betrayal Feature 0

Path of Exile Betrayal: Announcement Video

Today we are excited about the announcement of new big updated coming to one of the most popular role play games. Path of Exile Betrayal is promise to be fresh-new and bring together with...

My Time at Portia Fishing Day feature 0

My Time at Portia: Fishing Day

My Time at Portia has added a lot of new content through the last month. Today we are going to tell you about one the four events that are now available to play, which...

Torchlight 2-Feature 0

Torchlight 2 Review

Torchlight II Brief review Nostalgia. This word can easily describe my feelings today. That’s the main reason why we wrote this article about Torchlight 2. As for Torchlight 2 is 6 years old now....

My Time at Portia Feature 0

My Time At Portia Review

My Time at Portia is a new simulation RPG game created by Pathea studio. Developers want to players to experience the events of the post-apocalyptic but in a kind and healthy atmosphere. The main...


Tangledeep Review

Tangledeep is a classical roguelike dungeon crawler game of the 16-bit age. One of its main advantages is that it is extremely accessible and totally polished. Which is really necessary for indie projects nowadays. Moreover, Tangledeep is...