Afterlives: Ardenweald Key Figures and Video

Today we were pleased to see a new series of Afterlives presenting us the story about Ardenweald. The key figure of Ardenweald is Ursoc the ancient guardian. In Legion, Ursoc has been corrupted and was suffering in the Emerald Nightmare. During the events taking part in the Legion Ursoc falls and fulfils its duty of protecting and serving the wilds.

He appears in Shadowlands Ardenweald preparing to be reborn and serve the wild again. His bear soul is nested in the grove and growing. But unfortunately, due to some mysterious events, Ursoc’s soul served the world one last time to protect the ones who can be saved.

In the video which we share above, you can see this heartbreaking story of duty and regret. But the questions still remain. What is harming Shadowlands so badly? Is it Sylvanas with her dreadful actions or maybe Arthas the fallen former Lich King is soaking life from every part of Shadowlands destructing the balance in every zone? There is one more series of Afterlives, maybe there we’ll see some answers.

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