Afterlives: Maldraxxus Key Figures

A new series of Afterlives has been released. This time we are to know a story of Maldraxxus. A land of undead and lich creatures, it is here were Draka, an orc of the Frostwolf Clan begins her new chapter.

Before we embed the video, we’d like to share with you some details about Draka. She is a key figure not only in Shadowlands but also in the history of Azeroth, known as the mother of Go’el, who happens to be Thrall. In Afterlives: Maldraxxus you will see the moment when she saves her baby son and dies herself. And to know what happens next watch the video below.

If you feel a bit confused that’s ok. Many players don’t get what’s happening in this series. We have our own version of the events. As we learnt previously Uther throws Arthas into the Maw. We are sure that it will cause a lot of consequences. One of our predictions is that Arthas somehow found the way to take control over one of the five houses in Maldraxxus and made them fight dor him. Apparently Arthas doesn’t like it in the Maw and tries to escape. Silvanas might even know or scenes all of it and opens the passage to Shadowlands to stop Arthas once and for all. But there is one question that puts our theory under big doubts. How can Arthas control undead without the helm? Well, that’s a good question, maybe we will find the answers in the next series. By the way, here is Afterlives schedule for the two left covenants:

  • September 10 – Shadowlands Afterlives: Ardenweald
  • September 17 – Shadowlands Afterlives: Revendreth

We will share with you some details when they release.

Maldraxxus Key Figures

We have already mentioned Draka. She has been transformed from orc warrior into undead rogue in Shadowlands. Moreover, as a result of the events in the Afterlives series, she has become the key to safe Maldraxxus. That’s how she joins House of Chosen and becomes it a baroness and a secondary leader.

Draka and Margrave Krexus

Also, in the video, you have seen Margrave Krexus leader of House of Chosen. The other member and Baron of House of Chosen is Alexandros Mograine. He is a former Knight of the Silver Hand and champion of Kel’Thuzad.

Before Draka joined House of Chosen she belonged and trained in House of Eyes. It is there she was given her powers and new strength. The former leader Margrave Akarek sends Draka to Margrave Krexus and dies.

All of these events are very intriguing and interesting, we hope to learn more really soon.

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