All Pearl Abyss Games List

Everyone knows Pearl Abyss BDO project, the full title of which is Black Desert Online. But Pearl Abyss Black Desert is not the only thing they are famous or loved for. So we decided to share with you the list of all Pearl Abyss games that have been released or are preparing for release in the nearest future.

What is Pearl Abyss?

Pearl Abyss is the name of a Korean game developing and publishing company. The company was established back in 2010 and these 11 years were very productive for them. Pearl Abyss launched 3 games and is going to release 3 more soon. The company has 5 offices around the world located in Europe, North America, Korea, Japan, and Taiwan.

The remarkable achievement of Pearl Abyss is the development of its own game engine. It embodies the latest gaming technology trends in the global market: Realistic graphic textures, top-notch lighting effects, high-quality graphic rendering, quality game support service, rapid development, exceptional platform compatibility, 5G Streaming, Cloud Service etc.

Moreover, Pearl Abyss is the first and Korean game company that has its own motion capture team. That helps them make dynamic and realistic motions in games. Which you can tell while playing their last games including Pearl Abyss BDO remastered.

Speaking of Pearl Abyss Black Desert developers tried their best to make every edge of the game better than it used to be, including the soundtrack. The team of professional orchestras worked hard to bring the ideal atmosphere to Pearl Abyss BDO.

Now they are working on a new project to “Build the finest MMO game the world has ever seen”. And that might be very true taking into account what Pearl Abyss Black Desert Online looks like after the remake.

Pearl Abyss Games List

As we have already mentioned there are three games launched by Pearl Abyss so far and three new games are just around the corner. Let’s have a closer look at all of them.

Black Desert

Black Desert is an open world MMORPG that has global service and is supported by multiple platforms such as PC, Xbox and PlayStation. A true remastered journey awaits you in Black Desert.

The game has over 20 million players and 21 awards.

Black Desert Mobile

It is a more dynamic version of Black Desert with intense battles and made especially for Mobile devices. Black Desert Online is launched globally and has over 28 million downloads and 17 awards.

Shadow Arena

Shadow Arena is the third active game with global service. It is a dynamic team action battle royale. Shadow Arena was released in Early Access for PC and consoles.

Crimson Desert

It is an upcoming open-world action-adventure for PC and consoles. Experience the untold tale of mercenaries struggling to survive in the unforgiving lands of Pywel. The game is still in development but we hope to know the Crimson Desert release date soon.


DokeV is another upcoming open-world action-adventure for PC and consoles. But unlike Crimson Desert it is designed in bright colours and cartoonish style. Befriend adorable and whimsical Dokebi that gain strength from people’s dreams, and get ready to embark on an exciting adventure! The game is still in development.


Plan8 is an upcoming exosuit MMO Shooter from Pearl Abyss for PC and consoles. Developers claim that Plan8 is like “Marvel at the latest graphics in an action-packed open-world environment.” Sounds intriguing.

Pearl Abyss is not stopping and moving forward fast we are sure that soon enough we will update this post with new games titles.

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