All Wild Rift Winter Snowdown Skins

Wild Rift is a mobile version of League of Legends. There are a lot of champions and almost all of them copy the skin from LoL to Wild Rift. Some of them are topical and one such topic is Winter Snowdown skins.

Every year new portion of Snowdown skins from League of Legends will migrate to Wild Rift. Below you will see them grouped by the year those skins appeared in Wild Rift.

Wild Rift Winter Snowdown Skins 2020

The bundle of Christmas skins in Wild Rift in 2020 included skins for Orianna, Soraka, Dr. Mundo, and Master Yi. Below you can see the prices and arts for these skins.

Winter Wonder Orianna725 WC
Winter Wonder Soraka990 WC
Frozen Prince Mundo990 WC
Snow Man Yi990 WC
Wild Rift Snowdown Bundle4907 WC

WC is for Wild Cores the premium currency in Wild Rift. Below you can see the artwork for every Wild Rift Winter Snowdown skin.

Similar to League of Legends Christmas skins in Wild Rift is available for purchase for a limited period of time. Every time when Christmas event starts in Wild Rift you will see new and old skins available for purchase. We have mentioned all prices and you know now how to prepare for that.

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