Ammo Saver | Best Gaming Clips of the Week

Are you absolute Legends ready to watch some pros and some schmos try to do more with less? The theme of this week is saving that precious, precious ammo. The question is, why use a lot of bullets when few bullets do the trick? The answer: Don’t! Let’s break down the clips together and vote for which one you think is best. 

Our first clip of the week takes us into Apex Legends, where one man, one sniper, and one bullet end the winning chances of an entire team. Our man is under heavy fire from an enemy team, with three guns blazing and wasting ammo to try and fry his sniper-wielding butt. He leans out the door, the enemy team does their best to win the World Synchronized Standing Championship, and BOOM! One sniper bullet through three heads equals three dead enemies and three loot cases. Our man looked at killing two birds with one stone and one-upped it! 

Clip two is in the world of PUBG. Our guy takes ammo saving to an entirely NEW LEVEL. Where some people try to use as little ammo as possible, he actually refuses to use any ammo, even going so far as to remove all the ammo from his clips. Now, we really don’t recommend trying this at home, as our hero kind of just jumps around for a few minutes before being filled with some hot, hot lead. Remember, folks, save ammo responsibly. 

Clip 3 brings us to Overwatch, where Junkrat is doing Junkrat things. Our protagonist sneaks up on the entire enemy team. Their backs are turned, and all of them are easy targets, bunched together like a group of penguins on a particularly frigid day. Instead of opening fire, our boy uses his ult, flying a tire fire into the middle of the enemy squad and blowing them all back to their mamas. No ammo used, just one very explosive, very deadly, very spiky tire! 

Well, which clip won? Was it the Three For One Special, the Empty Mag, No Frag Fail, or the Junk Rat Whole Team Smack? Check out the video and let’s hear your thoughts. New episodes are released every Friday 11am PST (2pm EST). 

Make sure to vote for your favorite, and we will see you next Friday!

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