Amnesia: Rebirth Upcoming Game

Last week we wrote an announcement about upcoming Epic Store Free Games. One of them is Amnesia: The Dark Descent Description. Today we will tell you about the next part Amnesia: Rebirth upcoming game (Steam page).

Developers are claiming that Amnesia: Rebirth is a new evolutionary step in horror games. Similar to The Dark Descent Description you will need to stay calm in terrifying situations. A player will appear in a grimdark atmosphere, where all details make you feel it.

So this time you will play for a new character Tasi Trianon. She is the one to have a hard task of getting out the place filled with horror. Amnesia: Rebirth Upcoming features will contain similar ones. You won’t have any weapons unless your clear mind. Put yourself together, solve puzzles and walkthrough the game. Sounds easy, but knowing the world of Amnesia series that will be a challenge!

In addition, all gameplay is built around your sanity. The more you stay in the dark the mightier your enemy is. It feeds with your terror and you need a source of light to stay calm.

Retracing Tasi’s journey and pulling together the fragments of a shattered past will be the only chance to survive the pitiless horror that threatens to devour you. Time is against you. Still, you must continue, step by step, knowing that if you fail you will lose everything.

Amnesia: Rebirth Upcoming Features

The game release is planned for Autumn 2020. And we are all excited about it. We hope to know more about the game soon and nowhere is the list of the upcoming features:

  • First-person horror with narrative experience
  • Exploration of the surroundings
  • Solving puzzles of a different kind
  • Several types of living resources: life and mental
  • Confront terrifying creatures not with weapons but with your mind and knowledge of the game mechanics and land

Also, please, pay attention that Amnesia: Rebirth is a game for people with strong mental health and love to horrors.

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