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As we already mentioned League of Legends universe is spreading. We’ve already written about three new games from Riot and even more about to come! By the way, don’t forget to follow our blog for updates as soon we are going to write a post about other new games announced by Riot. Due to such impressive enlargements, players may need to make some additional actions to secure their main profiles. Further, we’ll tell you how to approve your username to Riot account and why you should care about it.

The main reason why this action occurred is that all of your experience must remain with you. No matter what Riot game you play. It means that even though League of Legends stays their flagman it doesn’t mean you will launch every new game from LoL launcher as you do for Teamfight Tactics now. That’ how appeared the necessity of creating the Riot account. But if you think you don’t need this information now. Or you can do this later, when at least one game releases, that’s not true. If you play League of Legends and you care about your collection of champions, skins, etc. You should really approve your username to the Riot account. Because soon everyone will enter LoL with their Riot username and if you don’t have one you won’t be able to enter.

How to Approve your username to Riot account

The simplest way is to wait for a link that will come to the email you enter when registered. And here is a tricky bit. Not all of you guys entered the real one, am I right? If so go through the link and follow all the instructions.

Don't forget to change your region

That won’t take you more than 2 minutes but will assure your League of Legends profile. Moreover, the changes influence ONLY username! That means that you Summoner Name (the one everyone sees in their friends’ list) will stay the same.

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