Arboria Gameplay Video Review

Meet our new website rubric: Gameplay Videos. In this category, you’ll see the videos we make to enhance reviews that we write about the games. Today we will show you Arboria Gameplay Video. In our videos, we on purpose don’t comment anything and don’t turn on side music. Because we want you to see the real gameplay of every game. Like a stream, but better. 🙂


You can read the detailed Arboria review, we’ve published recently. Here we will write a short description of the game and its features.

Arboria description

Arboria is an upcoming 3D rogue-lite game with a third-person perspective. You will play as a melee warrior with several abilities. You will fight in procedurally generated dungeons, so you can say that Arboria is a dungeon crawler as well. As a matter of fact, you’ll find some weapons and empower your self by mutations. Your every run will be easier than previous thanks to the unique champion progression.

Warriors do not live long but they will remain forever in the stories and the blood of the Yotunz. The better you fight, the stronger, quicker and more adapted to the dangers of Durnar future warriors will become.

That means that after your character dies, his essence will reborn in your new champion. So you will start from the very beginning, but stronger and more prepared.

Arboria features

There are different features in the game. The key ones are:

  • A lot of procedurally generated dungeons and other areas
  • Use a range of Symbiotic Weapons and Bio-Mutations in combat and exploration
  • Unlock traits for future warriors
  • Choose from a variety of game-changing upgrades
  • A great number of different enemies and unique bosses
  • Meet the extraordinary denizens of the Refuge

Also, we’d like to say that Arboria has a specific graphics design. You are going to love the atmosphere. You can slightly feel it from Arboria Gameplay Video, don’t you?

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