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Arboria is a mysterious world of dark fantasy. Today in our Arboria review you will learn everything about its gameplay and features. Arboria release date is planned for 9th September 2021, you can add it to wishlist on Steam. We had a unique opportunity to try the game before release, and we are eager to share our opinion with you.

Gameplay – Arboria Review

Arboria is a fascinating rogue-lite action RPG with a third-person perspective. The player will have to go down to the dungeon to restore The Father Tree. But dangerous enemies and no less deadly surrounding world filled with traps await him.

Arboria Gameplay

The game introduces the character creation process in an interesting way, every time a player dies, the resources he finds are sent to the altar. And the further he was able to go and the more  Veri (crystals) collected, the better his new character will be in terms of characteristics and traits. Also, using Veri crystals, you can pump a talent tree to open up new possibilities for all subsequent characters.

The game has quite a variety of opponents, but there are few ways to kill them. At the moment, there are 3 types of melee weapons and 3 types of skills are available. This is offset by the possibility of Mutation – adding to the skills and weapons of various elements that affect the damage.

Levels are filled with various tests and traps, as well as events. For example, the game has an arena where, for a fee, in the form of Veri, you can spawn several waves of mobs and get a reward for killing them. Between levels, the player will be allowed to pump one of the stats to choose from – Strength, Toughness or Focus.  And also keep assembled at the level Veri by sending it to the surface.

Arboria Character creation

The game is very dynamic, the battle reminds Souls Like games. It’s a pity that there are only 3 levels and a mini-boss are available in the game for now. So we look forward to the next patches and additions!

Graphics and Controls

Very atmospheric and intimidating. Dungeons are filled with darkness and danger, although at first glance they seem bright and attractive. Each new level looks unique, not like the previous one. Locations are filled with various objects and small details, which creates the atmosphere of a real underground world.

Gameplay Video

An important aspect of any action game is proper controls. It’s convenient in Arboria, although playing a gamepad is still better than playing on a keyboard/mouse. Minor disadvantages are that sometimes the focus flies off the target and it is not always possible to break Veri crystals from the first try.

Sound and Narrative

The sound accompaniment is quite atmospheric, the sounds of battle and the surrounding world are at a decent level. The only minus is the lack of voice acting dialogues.

Arboria Skills

The plot is quite simple and straightforward. The player chooses the Chosen One to go to the underground world of Durnar. His main task, in addition to survival, of course, will be the restoration of The Father Tree and an attempt to restore the greatness of his tribe.

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Сolorful and mysterious world
      • Interesting character development
      • A bit clumsy controls
      • Low variety of weapons and spells
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