Arcanium: Rise of Akhan Review

This game recently appeared in the Early Access Game on Steam. As the developers assure, this is an ambitious Single-Player Roguelike Card Adventure. And despite the abundance of games of this genre, this game was able to stand out from the rest with its unique aspects.

Deadly world of Arzu

Players will find a dangerous and constantly changing world full of adventures, monsters and of course loot. The game allows you to freely move around the open map (to nearby cells), which consists of about 50 such cells. Behind each of them, there is an event or an object (town or shrine). You decide how you will get to the next boss – will you wait out the night in safe zones or go straight through the dangerous corrupted zones. Yes, the game has a change of day and night and your chances of winning the battles depend on it.

Arcanium Rise of Akhan Chapters

As for the combat system, it is pretty clear and fairly simple. The player and his opponent take turns, and both have 3 units at their disposal. You simultaneously control them and decide for yourself who plays which cards – the main thing is that there is enough AP (Action Points) for this. Each hero has his own deck and equipment, which makes him irreplaceable in battle. Now only three heroes are available, but soon there will be much more of them, which will allow you to form a party at your discretion.

Arcanium Rise of Akhan Combat

The system of cards and their properties itself is generally understandable and it will not be difficult to figure out what the skills are. The game also has very unobtrusive and understandable tutorials that will bring you up to date on what works and how.

The game is divided into Chapters, each of which has its own main quest, monsters and lore. In case of defeat or failure of the task, you can try to complete it from the very beginning. For all previous attempts, your heroes will gain experience, which will open access to new cards and equipment. So every adventure will bring you closer to victory. You will also receive Province Stones, which can be spent on unlocking new Heroes.

Arcanium Rise of Akhan Rewards

Developers from Supercombo, Inc. promise to soon add new Chapters and Heroes, as well as various features to the game. At this stage, the game has excellent design and art, as well as exciting gameplay. And the only thing she lacks is new content. The game is available on Steam and now you can go on an exciting adventure!

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Interesting plot and exploration system
      • High replay value
      • Very little content at the moment
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