Aria Chronicle Review

If you are tired of the gloomy atmosphere and want to enjoy bright and colourful locations and anime characters, then Aria Chronicle is what you were looking for. This JRPG from STUDIO N9 will take you on an exciting and dangerous journey!

Aria Chronicle Dialogues

Princess of Tamageria Kingdom

The main character, princess Aria and her faithful companions Paladin Tila and secretary Gerom met a dangerous and mysterious Cult on their way, that wants to destroy the world from the kingdom of Tamageria. As the game progresses, Aria will unleash its potential, as well as learn a lot about the history of the world and mysteries that will change the story forever! Yes, the storyline plays a key role in the game, so a huge number of dialogues and significant characters are waiting for you, each of which will tell its own story and will be useful in your adventures. Most of them are located in the city of Latebra and will provide invaluable services, for example, craft armour or potions, provide mercenaries for the group, or sell equipment.

Aria Chronicle Combat

What makes the game unique is the class system. At the very beginning of the game, Aria will be able to choose one of the available classes (which can be changed later), and heroes of different classes will be available in the city, which can be recruited to your group. Each class has its own style of gameplay with unique skills and talents. Adventures will bring not only resources for crafting and equipment, heroes will receive traits, which can both improve characteristics and have a negative impact on the hero’s abilities. Do not forget about the morale of the detachment – defeat or refusal to complete the quest will greatly reduce the general mood of the members of your group. The battles are turn-based, so it is very important to know the strengths of your group and to form it correctly in order to be able to heal allies or inflict damage to which the enemy has no resists.

Aria Chronicle Characters

Quests are presented in the form of expeditions. This is a randomly generated network of rooms, each of which can contain either dangerous enemies or valuable loot. Narrative quests can be completed only once, but repeatable quests are always available in each zone, which will help to pump heroes and get the necessary resources.

Aria Chronicle Crafting

Aria Chronicle is an exciting JRPG with an interesting storyline and customization of squad characters, as well as a rewarding crafting system. By the way, the game will be released on Nintendo Switch in winter, but in the meantime it is available on Steam, so it’s time to go on an exciting adventure!

  • Summary
    80Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Gaphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Over a dozen of classes with unique skills and talents
      • Crafting system and upgradable town
      • Randomized traits are annoying
      • No proper explanation about character stats in-game
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