ARMPAL – 3D Assembly Board Game Review

Some time ago we wrote a preview about ARMPAL – 3D Assembly Board Game. We described some features of the game there and promised to introduce you to it as soon as possible. Well, this day has come. We were lucky to assemble and test the game ourselves. In this review, we will share with you our impressions of ARMPAL and will reveal even more details about the game.

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Assembly your weapon

ARMPAL falls into the category of games, in which one of the key elements is the assembly (and personalization) of game equipment. I think everyone knows about board games in which you need to assemble and colour your army of figures yourself. So, you have to collect this huge hydraulic robotic arm yourselves! I’ll run a little ahead – the assembly takes a lot of time. It took us about 10 hours to assemble the first gaming device with all the kits, and about 8 to assemble the second one. Therefore, if you want to start playing with friends right away, you should make sure that the game is fully assembled.

Assembly your weapon ARMPAL

The first thing you will see when you open the game box is a few wooden part boards, hydraulic cylinders, screws, shafts and tubes. Yes, there are no assembled elements or a device similar to the engine that controls the manipulator in the box. All this you will do with your own hands! Thanks to the detailed and understandable instructions, the assembly turns into a fascinating and very fairly simple process. All you need (one that is not included) is a waterproof marker, measuring tape, scissors, screwdriver and a candle (or wax). Yes, no glue, all parts are securely fastened together, and if there is a moving part, then they are fastened with screws.

We got a lot of pleasure throughout the assembly, but nothing beats the moment the game was first launched. After the game controller is assembled and filled with water, it is difficult to hide the excitement of how easy and convenient it is to operate it!

Different head kits and game modes

There are three removable head kits that you will assemble to operate with – manipulator caliper, excavator bucket, and magnetic crane. To replace one with another, it is enough to make only 2 clicks and you already have a completely new robotic arm.

Different head kits and game modes ARMPAL

The creators of the game offered game options for each of them, but players can invent and perform any activity with ARMPAL. It all depends on your imagination. Using a magnet, you can move small iron elements such as cubes or screws, the excavator is great for sand, grains or pasta, and the caliper can grab and drag whatever you want. By the way, in order to see who collected the most materials, it’s enough to use gaming scales with removable weighing platforms for more convenience.

Let the battles begin!

The game is designed for a company of up to 4 people. However, before a real battle, you can practice and hone your skills alone. Before the battle, do not forget to check the operation of the game manipulator and, if necessary, carry out additional liquid filling for better handling. And let the best player win!

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