Bastion WoW Key Figures

After the release of Afterlife Bastion cinematic many players were intrigued and eager to know more about the key figures of Shadowlands Expansion. Today we will tell you more about the leaders and other champions of Bastion.

In the post above you can read about Shadowlands global release with dates and time as well as watch Afterlives Bastion. And we will continue our Kyrian description starting from Devos and Uther.


Uther's Death

Uther the Lightbringer is one of the key figures in the new World of Warcraft expansion. He was chosen and continued his afterlife in Bastion with other Kyrian Covenant representatives. As it was shown in Bastion cinematic Arthas as Lich King wounded his soul and took the part of it into the Frostmourne. So the part of Uther’s souls is a ghost. The other part that enters the afterlife transfers into kyrian. So that Uther involved himself in some kind of collusion with Devos to restore justice.


Afterlives Devos WoW

Devos is one of the Ascended kyrian, which means she’s been through a lot of trials to determine herself. After all, she has become a Paragon of Loyalty, but due to events in the cinematic, she broke he promises and put her destiny onto the edge. Eventually, she will become a Paragon of Doubt and Forsworn. The previous Paragon of Doubt name is Lysonia and she is a key figure too, but there is not much news about her right now.

Kyrestia the Firstborne

Kyrestia the Firstborne WoW

The last revealed key figure of kyrian is Kyrestia. She is Archon of the kyrians, mean the leader. Her duty is to guard Shadowlands by any means. The balance of the afterlife depends on her decisions. And one of them was to order Devos to erase Uther’s memories about his previous life and pass him through to the Ascendance. But Devos had some other thoughts on her mind as she made Uther the Ascended kyrian, left his memories to him and even helped him to revenge himself.

We will see even more fascinating characters in Shadowlands and we will tell you more about all the the key figures.

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