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If you haven’t noticed yet we started Expert Game Reviews YouTube channel. There we are going to publish plain gameplay videos about the games we write reviews about. In some time we will also add video guides. You can see all our videos in the category Gameplay Videos. And today we share with you our latest Before We Leave Gameplay Video. Before We Lea description

Before We Leave description

Before We Leave is an upcoming game in the Epic Store. It releases 8th May 2020. Now you can read some of our posts related to the game.

In the video, you can see the gaming process in the game. We recorded the main points to give you the whole idea.

So you start as a little colony. Your task is to survive and develop into something bigger. To do so you will need to build particular structures that help you explore surroundings, gather resources and invent new things.

In some period of time, you’ll see that the starting continent is not enough. So you’ll need to find and repair a ship to explore new lands with better resources. After settling down there you’ll need to find and repair a spaceship to explore new planets.

The video ends at the moment when you find a spaceship and settle on the second island. We showed you how to get missing resources from the fist island and that pretty much it. As when you explore another planet all the actions will be typical.


We think that Before We Leave is unique in many ways. First of all, you don’t have to worry about competition. Everything depends on your management skill.

We found the game very interesting and relaxing. You can spend several perfect evenings playing Before We Leave.

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