Best Educational Computer Games for Students [2021]

Researchers at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) report that school children spend between twelve to 23 hours per week playing games. A high number of parents may judge this as precious study time wasted, but some take game time as a perfect opportunity for their children to improve their learning through a different form. 

Games for education can be incorporated as a tool to better student’s styles of learning through an interactive setting that helps keep them stay engaged and willing to play.

Best Educational Computer Games for Students
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Infinifactory gives the gamer a chance to build graphics (GIF) for a piece of active machinery and share them with peers online once complete. To solve the puzzles, the gamer goes through numerous trials and makes lots of errors. Although the puzzles are difficult to solve, the gamer feels satisfied once he completes the GIF and cannot wait to see a fully installed machine at work. 

Difficult games and puzzles are entertaining and highly educational but at the same time, they demand a lot of time. Even other entertaining games, for that matter, take a lot of time as they engage students and that can spoil the study plans. In this case, it is a wise thing to choose Edubirdie service, a leading essay writing service to order your essay. It’s trusted by students worldwide and has been the favorite of everyone in the education field for years now.

Carmen Sandiego 

Carmen Sandiego has been in use for some time now. The gamer acts like a detective and must follow the movements of Sandiego or some other swindler wondering about in the earth. The game is useful for teaching schoolers to solve various mathematical problems, teach history and geography as well as enhance reading skills. 


Using the online version of the scrabble, school children construct words from the alphabetical letters provided during the game. If they are able to construct harder and longer words, they gain greater points. Using the video version, you can play using the same tactics and create competition with your siblings and friends, or compete against a game character.

Kerbal space game

Kerbal space game is a computer game where gamers do experiments using as many spacecraft designs as they can. The game is mostly physics-oriented and the gamer can build varying space crafts and stations and go for an exploration tour of other planets. As the students play the game, they can clearly understand the science behind planet orbits and the special designs of pace ship. 

Oregon trail

Oregon Trail is a challenging game because gamers will have to keep the trail in wagons and help their loved ones through hardships as they journey westwards for a better life. The trail is filled with calamities like hunger and terrible diseases, which the gamer has to overcome. The game is useful for history and geography students. The game is also useful in hardening learners on how to face real-life challenges and overcome them. 

Animal crossing

Animal Crossing is a game where gamers go to collect different items for stocking in the museum. The game involves fishing, discovering fossil deposits, and capturing insects for a museum exhibition. After consolidating their collections, the children can then narrate the story behind each collection. The game is useful for teaching history, conservation, and extinct animals. 

Best Educational Computer Games for Students 2
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TIS 100

TIS 100 is a code-based game where gamers use codes to play the game. Once on the game, learners are free to develop personal puzzles using the sandboxes availed for them. The game has a total of forty-five puzzles and the gamer can compare their results and cross-compare the same with other random players. TIS 100 works better with students who are not yet familiar with how codes work. 

Crayon physics

Crayon physics uses the basics of physical science to help take a ball through a series of obstacles until it reaches its destination. Using the keyboard mouse, the gamer draws a clear path to be followed by the ball, considering that basic science principles can come into play and thwart the whole plan. The game is useful in teaching learners various principles of science like motion, gravitational force, the principle of energy, and so on. 


The current Minecraft game has been expanded to include addons on education like the eye of humans and ISS. The player downloads the game and looks into the aspects of the game like the history of people such as the early Greeks, green energy, different biological topics, and so on. The game also contains homework questions and lesson plans.  


The connection between games and education can be hard to be comprehended by parents and teachers. Although the student gamer could be seeking pleasure in game playing, the benefits of strategic educative games cannot be underrated. Parents should embrace the role played by games in education and help their children acquire the right and valuable games. A little investment into consoles and PCs will have a worthy outcome. 

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