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We all love watching our favourite streams and especially stunning moments. You know the ones that make your heart beat faster. No matter, whether it is an epic fail or a legendary performance. And if you don’t want to miss all the best moments of your favourite games you should really check This Week On YouTube channel. I guaranty you will love Corbin’s sense of humour and the clips he picks for us to watch.

It is already the second season of this show and it is just awesome! Remember those videos where a guy comments several clips from the Internet in a very fun way? Imagine the same but for gamers and much better. Every Thursday you have a chance to see three hilarious clips and even vote for the best one! This week on has over 20 thousand views and the guy deserve them! We invite you to watch with us his latest upload below. And don’t forget to pick the best one and vote!

How do you like those clips? All of them are epic!

Vote for the best This Week On clip

How could that Fortnite guy possibly do that? That reaction and control of the situation! I looked like “Well, okay-okay everything just like I expected…Boom”! That’s a stunning moment I loved it! That’s a real skill.

As for the GTA…I am still laughing over it. 🙂 We here at Expert Game Reviews hope the player never, like NEVER cross the road like that in real life. Cause, you know, it’s worth looking on the left side of the road…omg.

And the last one. Well, it looked more like a bug to me. But who am I to judge? Maybe that was a brilliant performance!

Anyway, we gave our voice to the first video from Fortnite. The one who can do that deserves to win, we admire skilled players!

And what about you guys? What do you think of it? Don’t forget to share your thoughts in comments!

Moreover, if you a streamer yourself you can submit your video to Corbin here and who knows, maybe you will be the one to win next time!

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