Best Starter Builds for Path of Exile Harvest

Soon, Path of Exile will release patch 3.11, and with it the new Harvest League. The league promises to be interesting and fascinating, you can find out details about it in our article. And for those who want to start their journey in a new league prepared or just looking for PoE Build with which it will be comfortable for to level up and farm maps without the expenses on equipment, we have prepared a list of the best Starter Builds.

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Caustic Arrow Trickster

Trickster ascendancy

Caustic Arrow great skill for single and AOE targets and the damage over time mechanics give the player more survivability in battle. In addition, DoT bonuses are very easy to get in Passive tree and equipment and it is very well scaled with skill level. And the equipment necessary for the build can be crafted by yourself, even in the SSF league.

Easy to play
Very versatile
Capable of clearing all end game content
Build Guide example – Brittleknee’s Caustic Arrow CI Trickster

Cyclone Impale Champion

Champion ascendancy

One of the most popular and most balanced builds. Besides decent clear speed, it offers very solid defences. Impale also scales perfectly with Flat Physical Damage from Champion Ascendancy. A huge plus is a fact that this build does not depend on uniques, which is great for path of exile beginner builds.

Strong single target damage
Decent damage mitigation
Instant Life Leech
Build Guide example – Bergerbrush’s Impale Cyclone Champion

Arc Mines Saboteur

Saboteur ascendancy

The combination of Arc and Mines allows you to destroy all life on the screen and bosses die in seconds. Saboteur is not only a trap and mine specialist but also boasts his survival skills. This will allow the player to start a new league without high expenses. And then when saved up some currency spend it on upgrades. Also, you can get some PoE Currency to make the process quicker. And as a result, get an excellent end-game build that can farm any content in Path of Exile.

Very safe playstyle
Fast clear speed
Easy leveling
Build Guide example – Beginner Friendly Arc/Ice Spear Mines

Freezing Pulse Totems Hierophant

Hierophant ascendancy

Although not everyone likes totems, due to the specific playstyle, still totem builds remain one of the best league starters. Thanks to Hierophant Ascendancy nodes, even 4L totems will allow you to clear locations up to high-tier maps. And permanent freeze and slow from Freezing Pulse will not allow mobs to get close to you. It is also possible to make him end-game boss killer but this will require a good amount of currency for upgrades.

Fast clear speed
Great clear speed
Build Guide example – Wallach’s Hierophant Freezing Pulse Totems

Raise Spectre Necromancer

Necromancer ascendancy

Probably summoners are the least dependent on equipment builds. And spectres give the player the opportunity to choose the most suitable summons for him. Moreover, the summoner uses his army as a human shield staying protected from most damage. And this is taking into account the fact that spectres perfectly clean locations and bosses.

Safe across most content
Great single target damage
Hardcore viable
Build Guide example – Kay’s Spectre Summoner

After reading this Best Starter Builds you will probably be in the lead in Path of Exile Harvest league. Don’t hesitate to try all of the abilities before Harvest starts so you won’t need to change it if you don’t like a build playstyle. As well as fund the best and most suitable Path of Exile Harvest loot filter may be FilterBlast will help you with that.

  1. Rino Bucceto

    Great post dude !! In my experience, the best build for necromancer is the Skeleton Build. Skeletonmancer has lots of room for modification in it’s gem and passive tree setup so you can tailor the experience in your own play while the core gameplay remains pretty much the same. Regards !

  2. NanoColionda

    Skeleton builds have been a thing for a while now. Thanks to the steady damage output and survivability and cheap items this setup is often suggested for new players. great post !

  3. EGRblog

    Yeah, we agree with that totally, but Skeletons lack mobility. You need to cast them right into the packs. Despite their magnificent boss damage Spectres are way better on farming maps. Thanks to Specter’s high mobility and AOE damage.

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