Brawl Stars – How to Get and Efficiently Use Gems

In this post, you will find information about the usage of gems in Brawl Stars. How to get Brawl Stars gems and more.

What are Gems?

Gems in Brawl Stars are used for in-game purchases as an equivalent of currency. They can be bought for real money in the Brawl Stars shop. Actually, buying gems for real money is the only legal way to get them. Don’t use any cheat to get gems in Brawl Stars as your account will be banned. You can spend gems on such things as boosts, special offers, and skins. The more you buy at a time the better your deal.

Brawl Stars  Gems
Gem PackPrice (USD)Gems/Dollar
30 gem brawl stars Gems (a fist full of Gems)$1.99 USD15
80 gem brawl stars Gems (a pouch of Gems)$4.99 USD16
170 gem brawl stars Gems (a satchel of Gems)$9.99 USD17
360 gem brawl stars Gems (a bucket of Gems)$19.99 USD18
950 gem brawl stars Gems (a crate full of Gems)$49.99 USD19
2000 gem brawl stars Gems (a haul of Gems)$99.99 USD20

What Can You Buy With Gems?

You can exchange gems for many useful things in the games’ shop. Such as:

  • Big and Mega Boxes

You can buy Big and Mega Boxes in the shop in Brawl Stars for gems.
Big Boxes contain as much as 3 regular Brawl Boxes and they cost 30 gems.
Mega Boxes contain as much as 10 regular Brawl Boxes and they cost 80 gems.

  • Token Doublers

With the help of token doublers for 40 gems, you can increase the number of Tokens earned while playing and double the next 1,000 Tokens received at the end of any match.

  • Brawl Pass and Brawl Pass Bundle

Brawl Pass you can obtain for 169 gems and Brawl Pass bundle for 249 gems (Brawl Pass + 10 tiers), or individual tiers in the Pass for 30 Gems.

  • Pins can be bought for Gems
  • Coins packs from the Shop can be bought for Gems
  • Skins

Each skin is just a cosmetic to a brawler. You can see that their prices vary.

  • Brawlers

Skins or Power Points are sometimes included with the Brawler.

  • Purchase Power Points from the Shop

These can be used on any Brawler.

  • Changing a player name

This service costs 60 gems, but the first change is for free.

Best ways to spend Gems

Brawl Stars Brawl Pass

Here you can see the most effective and useful ways to spend your gems in Brawl Stars:

  • Buying Brawl Pass (169 Gems)
  • Purchasing Token Doublers (40 Gems)
  • Purchasing Special Offers (30% OFF or more)
  • Daily Mega Box deal (60 Gems)

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