Break my body Review

Meet Break my body upcoming game review. The launch his planned on 24th July but we had a chance to try it in early access.

So Break my body is an indie arcade casual game created by Agent Mega. If you planed old-school tennis then you’ll get what’s the main purpose of the game. But don’t hurry in judgments! Break my body is special. Not only because of its great medical theme, but also because of the gameplay. You see, you must not break all the blocks on a level to succeed! Let’s move further, we will clear it out for you.

Break my body – Gameplay

First of all, as any breakout game it has a plenty of levels of different difficulties. All of them are separated to groups by body type, like muscles, bones, stomach etc. In every new group you’ll see new specific blocks. Those make the game harder, but on the other hand sometimes even better.

Types of the blocks

First, you’ll see violet and pink blocks, those are ill and healthy cells. Violet are cancer cells that you are going to break but to make the level count as cleared you need to leave at least one healthy cell. That is the awesome part of Break my body! You need to play carefully to win!

Break my body healthy cells

Next you’ll see other cells like bones that are unbreakable until you meet acid cells, which ruins every adjacent block. Also, you will meet viruses that can put an armor on cancer cells and you’ll need to hit it twice to break. And many more other interesting peculiarities you’ll meet through the game. What we like the most is that the idea of how medicine fight cancer in patients body is shown very realistic.

Good and bad drops

While playing you’ll see some drops which will cause positive or negative effect to your ball or paddle. We will share with you screenshots with explanations of what they do exactly below.

We found some good combinations. For example, you can combine Multi Ball with Fire Ball to hit as many cancer cells as possible in several seconds. But our favorite is Shoot, which is useful when cancer cells stand one by one.

As for the bad drops. They are disturbing but not as bad as they could (or even should) be. We’d like to face more puzzling situations. 😉

Other Break my body gameplay peculiarities

The first one is about paddle. You can use not just in a classical way, but also assist your ball to hit the block, The thing is that on click paddle spreads gas that speeds up and hits your ball or slows it down in other situations. As the gas goes up through all blocks it can even help you to avoid healthy cells.

The other thing is about so called antibiotic. You will stack it while playing as a special ability to put an armor on healthy cells to protect them. It doesn’t mean it is invincible though, so keep your eyes open 😉

To sum up we enjoyed the game very much and hope you’ll like it as well. Add it to wishlist on Steam not to miss the launch! If want to know other arcade games, you can read our Battleblock Theater review. Please, share our post with your friends if you like it the means much to us!

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      • Nice realistic story
      • Renovating mechanics
      • Game still has very few glitches
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