Breath of the Wild Map Overview

Breath of the Wild is one of the games from The Legend of Zelda series. Link is travelling through the open world that hides precious treasures within. Every new DLC for Breath of the Wild has added new hidden objects for players. That peculiarity makes BotW an interesting place. Of course, you can travel the world yourself and search for all of them at every corner, but to make it easier you can use an Interactive map of Hyrule to find hidden objects such as Shrine locations and Korok Seeds in Breath of the Wild faster.

There are many Breath of the Wild Interactive Maps that you can find on the Internet but we wanted to highlight two of them created by the websites you can see below:

Each of them shows different objects and places of interest in Breath of the Wild Map. For example:

  • Sheikah Tower – provide Link with map information of the current province, which is done by placing the Sheikah Slate in the Guidance Stone pedestal. Once activated, Link may use them as a travel gate any time he is able to Warp. There are 15 different Sheikah Towers scattered throughout Hyrule Kingdom. Some Regions of Hyrule Kingdom, such as Necluda and Gerudo have multiple Towers within them.
  • Shrine of Trials – mini-dungeons scattered all over Hyrule. In total there are 120 shrines, and within each shrine is a Sheikah Monk who holds a blessing for the one who manages to complete the challenge contained within the shrine.
  • Korok Seeds obtained by locating one of the many Koroks hidden all over Hyrule. They can be exchanged with Hestu to increase his inventory capacity.
  • Main Quest objectives;
  • Side Quests;
  • Shrine Quests;
  • Treasures;
  • Places and structures: Village, Inn, Stable, General Store, Armor Shop, Jewelry Shop, Dye Shop.
  • Deadly enemies: Guardian, Lynel, Hinox, Stone Talus, Molduga, Wizzrobe.
  • Usefull places, where you can find: Great Fairy and Goddess Statue.

Just click and filter out what you want to find and follow the steps that you have seen in the Breath of the Wild interactive map in the game. Now you can focus on other gameplay features if you don’t like to search for hidden treasures yourself.

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