Call of the Mountain Legends of Runeterra New Expansion

The new expansion Call of the Mountain coming to Legends of Runeterra. This time we will see the champions from Targon region. But what are the main upcoming features and what to expect from Call of the Mountain? Let’s have a better look together.

Unexpectedly Call of the Mountain is not a single expansion but the first part of the triptych. So there are two more expansions to come.

Call of the Mountain release date is August 26

But for what is more, there is going to be a new card release system in Legends of Runeterra when the new expansion releases. We will tell more about it next.

New card release system in LoR

As it was mentioned before Legends of Runeterra is going to face several changes in the upcoming feature. The first one is related to the way cards release in the game. Riot Games have announced some definitions for the content they are preparing for launch:

  • Expansion is all the cards, champions, cosmetics, and game modes released with a major patch (roughly every two months). Each expansion will have a unique name; this next one is Call of the Mountain!
  • set is a thematically and mechanically cohesive group of cards released over one or more expansions. The set shares its name with the first of these expansions—for example, the cards released in August, October, and December will all be part of the Call of the Mountain set. (This will matter down the line when it comes to deckbuilding rules for different formats and modes!)
  • A new Ranked season starts whenever a new expansion is released and shares its name (so in this case, the Call of the Mountain Ranked season). Each Ranked season has a unique icon for you to earn based on which tier you reach.

So the new cards will release every two month and will represent one particular region. But if there is a set coming it means that all cards from the set will represent one region, like Targon this time, for example.

The first expansion from Call of the Mountain set will consist of 89 collectible cards with 7 champions. The second and the third ones are going to be smaller both will contain 40 cards with 3 champs.

New card release system in LoR

Here you can see the schedule for the upcoming Legends of Runeterra expansions. So there a lot of new cards and mechanics are coming to the LoR and we are going to share with you new deck tier lists in the nearest future!

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