Card Crawl Quests Guide

In this mini guide you’ll know about Card Crawl quests. In Card Crawl you complete quests to open new classes. to learn more about them check Card Crawl review we wrote before some time ago.

Card Crawl Quests

To complete quests you’ll have to try hard as much depends on card combinations and the most important – luck. To complete a quest you’ll see what cards you need to collect and open in the Card Crawl mode called Constructed. Moreover, you get an opportunity to choose yourself, which 5 skill-cards will appear in your deck.

Card Crawl Quests – Classes requirements

Further, we will describe what the requirements are for each class. And what exactly you need to do to complete a quest.

Card Crawl Archer Quest

Card Crawl Archer Quest
  1. Create a 20 gold card.
    Cards needed: Fortify and Mirror.
    Use your Mirror skill on Fortify and use them on 10 golds card.
  2. Win 10 games without ability cards
    Use all your potions, weapons and shields cards with caution – if you do all right, you’ll win win 3/13 hp.

Card Crawl Assassin Quest

Card Crawl Assassin Quest
  1. Kill a 20 monster
    Cards needed: Fortify and Mirror.
    Same as with 20 gold card
  2. Get a Delve-Mode score of 10

Further, you will see a description for Delve mode. You can open it after obtaining all skill-cards.

Card Crawler Woodlouse Lord Quest

Card Crawler Woodlouse Lord Quest
  1. Raise the players life to 25
    Cards needed: Life, Fortify and Mirror.
    You can use Mirror on Life or Fortify, than upgrade your Life card (one Life with 20hp bonus or two Life cards with 10hp and 5hp).
  2. Win 10 games with more than 20 Life
    Cards needed: Life and Fortify, Mirror, Leech, Potionize can come in handy.
    Use tactic above to have 20+hp left.

In conclusion we designed some overall winning strategies. Tips how to win game with more than 100/120 gold – use your gold-income cards.

CardCrawl Tips for Quests

Got my 103 gold high score with this cards: Trade, Midas Scarf, Fortify, Mirror and Revive.

Delve Mode description – Card Crawler

In addition to other modes, Delve mode replaced the Streak-Mode. The Delve-Mode challenges you with a special Dungeon that gets harder over time. Each game you will be tasked to collect a certain amount of gold and finish the dungeon deck. You will descent into the next depth through the dungeon after you complete one stage. There you will see more monsters and higher amount of gold you need to collect to complete it. If you fail you don’t have to start all over again as you van only retry the previous depth. Get all skill-cards to open Delve-Mode and open the game full of challenges and fun. To get the game or know about its latest news visit this website.

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