Castle Crashers Review

Castle Crashers quick review

Are you tired of long and hard video games? Did you have an idea to return to your childhood and spend an evening or two playing something easy and funny? If, yes, I have great news for you. As today we are going to speak about one of the best easy gamepad video games: Castle Crashers.


First of all, let me shout out its winning sides: easy, funny, interesting plot, many bosses, pets and other different peculiarities. And now let’s consider it more detailed.

Castle Crashers Gameplay

It’s an indie action co-op adventure game, where you can play with a controller. By the way, Castle Crashers developed by “The Behemoth” video game company.

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From the very beginning, you will have a chance to pick the best appropriate regime. As follows.


As for champions. There will be one at the start and you will open others during the game. The main difference between all those four champions is in their abilities. But actually, that doesn’t influence your game much as you can finish the game with the default champion. Of course, if you level up him right.

Castle Crashers Stats


When you’re leveling up you get stat points, which you can spend on different upgrades. Besides, you can spend them both ways equally or give all to one particular stat. Above you can see my stats, as you may have noticed I decided to make him a fighter.

Castle Crashers Attacks


So, here you will have three different attack types:

  1. melee attack: this one depends on your level, weapon type, and combos you play.
    I’ve already told you about stat points from leveling up. As for weapons, you can find them on the map or at vendors (soon, you’ll get a full article on weapons in Castle Crashers). Combos are special attacks you play during a fight. After you achieve an appropriate level you will see an announcement with a combination of buttons you need to press to perform a combo;
  2. ranged attack: after level 3 you will get a bow, so you can swap between your weapons in a game and hit enemies with a ranged weapon;
  3. magic attack (spell): every champion has its own magic spell, wait for an article on this matter. 🙂

Castle Crashers Peculiarities


What is really awesome is that you will find many interesting things during your game. The first thing is that you can find pets, which will follow you. Moreover, they have special traits. Also, the game changes many times giving you different opportunities as mounts (where you can use special attacks and combos) or challenging you with a rapid runner (yes, even in water).

Castle Crashers Boss fights


Each stage of the game has at least two bosses. Therefore, you will find may of them and be sure each one will have something new for you. So, you need to be prepared, concentrated and really-really fast.

I would like to tell you even more about Castle Crashers, but I guess this post is already too long 🙄 Thanks, for reading till the end, waiting for your comments.



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