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If you have been looking for a good platformer indie game then Celeste review is just for you. Here we will tell you about main great particularities of the game as well as about awesome features that make it unique.

Celeste is a classical 2D action platformer game, which is way harder than it seems from the first sight. Together with good and unpredictable levels you will discover nice a story that will entertain you.

Celeste review gameplay

Celeste review – Features

One of the best features of Celeste is comfortable and easy controls. You will get used to it in no time. It is very convenient as you will focus on the game itself and have fun from the process.

The other thing is an incredible design. We payed attention that with comparison to other indie games with pixel graphics Celeste has a thoughtful design that won’t confuse you while playing. We guarantee that you won’t get bored.

Moreover, you will feel the whole atmosphere of the game thanks to a great soundtrack. We thank developers for that as not many usually think about it.

Celeste review b-side level

Besides, that you will have an opportunity to adjust levels’ difficulty. By that we mean B-side levels. One them you can see above on the screenshot. After you acquire the diskette you will open an opportunity to make the level harder. Which is pretty awesome, don’t you think? However, keep in mind that you will find only one diskette per level.

In addition, you will also have a good chance to show off. While playing you will see red strawberries on levels. They don’t influence the gameplay but the will come into account. After that you can share how many of them you gained to let other players know how great you are.

Celeste mechanics and gameplay

First of all, if you die you don’t have to start the level from the very beginning. Every level is divided into parts, each screen you play is a separate part. Therefore, after death you will have to replay only the active screen but not the whole level itself.

Celeste review Levels

On the other hand there is a nice peculiarity. You can see dash charges by the color of Celeste’s hair. In other words, her hair color changes each time you use one of the middle-air dash charges. That optimizes your game as you don’t have to keep it in mind all look up somewhere else on the screen.

Moreover, you will find cutscenes with funny dialogues between the levels. They are easygoing and relaxing. So, you will feel the unique atmosphere of the game.

Celeste review campfire

In short Celeste is an interesting platformer with unique story that you play to have some fun. If you feel intrigued, then visit their website to get some more information. Moreover, don’t miss a chance to buy it with a 40% discount on Steam Summer Sale that ends on 8th July.

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      • Very atmospheric with detailed level design
      • A bit repetitive gameplay
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