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Meet our new review about Children Of Morta. A great action RPG that will make all rogue-like fans spend great time playing it.

Children Of Morta Gameplay

Children Of Morta is a game with a unique mixture of action-RPG with rogue-like styles. Moreover, it has an absolutely exciting storyline. You will be honored a chance to play not only with a single character but with a whole Bergsons family! It is your decisions that influence who will be in charge of going to the dungeons to stop the encroaching darkness.

Children Of Morta Levels

The game is divided on specific locations according to the storyline and dungeons. In addition, you can go into the dungeon in any moment and those consist of areas. Every area has several sections those consist of some levels after completing which you will meet a unique boss.

Children Of Morta Boss Fight

Unlike questing locations dungeons generate randomly each time you go there.


Each member of Children of Morta family has his own unique fighting style. For instance, some fight in melee depending on their shield. Others depend on their dexterity and surroundings. And some even use magic. However, not all of them accessible from the very begging. You will need to work hard to open them all. At first you can play as John, warrior with shield for protection and as Linda bard-archer.

As a story goes on you will open assasin Kevin and monk Mark. Even though both of them are melee champions each one has his style. Kevin depends on his speed and stealth. Mark on the other hand turns battle into dance, with endless pirouettes. Other two members of Bergsons family are Joey with a double-hand hammer and Lucy little pyromancer. Joey is courageous enough to fight against crowds of monsters and Lucy becomes more powerful each day.

Children Of Morta Corruption Fatigue

In Children of Morta family every member has his abilities and skill tree. But don’t forget the key detail – as in any family their abilities are tight! When you level up one hero you boost all others. On the other hand you will need to give your favorite characters some rest. As after few in-a-row dungeons runs on one character it will get Corruption Fatigue that will increase if you continue play with him. So you will need to go into a dungeon with another heroes until your favorite champion gets free from Corruption Fatigue.

Upgrades and Items

Further in the storyline you will get and ability to upgrade your characters not only with a help of skill tree. When you collect gold coins or as they are called in Children of Morta – Morv you can spend them ain Ben’s Workshop or in Grandma’s Book of Rea.

ChildrenOfMorta Workshop

Workshop increases the main characteristics of family members, therefore attack, defense, critical damage chance or dodge and others. Book of Rea on the other hand upgrades different elements of gaming process such as amount of Morv you receive or experience, obelisk effects runes etc.

ChildrenOfMorta Book of Rea

You will see a great amount of items that will help you during your dungeon run, but you won’t be able to get them with you. They have several types:

  • Divine Graces – upgrades your hero. They give useful power-ups and help you in your journey. You can hold them as much, as you find. 
  • Divine Relics – is an active ability. You can obtain only one of those. So if you collect new the old one will automatically drop. You can combine specific relics and abilities that let you create unique fighting style.
  • Charms – special powerups, which you need to activate after collecting. Chars can give you items (Grace or Relic, gemstone. etc), upgrade of characteristics (you can stack them) or buffs.
  • Runes – powers up you abilities. They have durability, so you should use them wisely.
  • Obelisks – give a short time buff.
Children Of Morta Obelisk of Fortune

These were the main gameplay features. Further we will discuss other Children of Morta ratings.

Children of Morta Graphics and Controls

Even though the game has pixel graphics it is very atmospheric. Every location has its unique style. Each time you go to the same location you will see absolutely new level. It is not only generated randomly it will have new events, rooms and trials.

Children Of Morta Graphics

Further we will talk about controls. As you walkthrough the number of abilities increase, so we advice you to rebind them comfortably for you. As every situation in the game requires you quick reactions.

Narrative and Sound

Pleasant and calm music that makes the can more complete and doesn’t distract you from the game itself.

Storyline is the main part of the game. Your story will will constantly evolve no matter managed you clear the level and kill the boss or not. You will learn new peculiarities, meet new characters and open new possibilities. Narrator’s voice will tell you all you that happened while you were in dungeon. Moreover, your family will be busy with their personal staff.

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    78Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Fantastic storyline
      • Lots of upgrades and unique playstyle heroes
      • Requires some grinding
      • Some characters are not as good in combat as others
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