Children of Morta Setting Sun Inn Free Update

Children of Morta had announced a new free update! It is called Setting Sun Inn and it brings along a lot of interesting things. If you are not familiar with the game you can read more about it in our Children of Morta review.

Bergson family has a lot to share with the players. Such as challenging New Game+ mode and a reward of expanded lore and content. You can watch Children of Morta Setting Sun Inn Update trailer below.

Setting Sun Inn is a part of the developers’ road map. And contains a lot of lore oriented content. You will see a lot of new cutscenes and quests in addition to new free Game+ mode content.

The Game+ mode is a new difficulty in the game that encourages a player to plunge into the Bergsons’ family story again. But this time with harder challenges, character skill point caps, and upgrades in both Ben’s workshop and Margaret’s lab.

Setting Sun Inn

But the most interesting part is the new additional content. Children of Morta free update contains 20 new cutscenes, home events, and activities. That will make you more bound to the family and will bring a lot of fun.

Setting Sun Inn update contains

  • New Game Plus mode where players keep previously unlocked characters, skill tree progress, resources, Ben’s workshop and Book of Rea upgrades, all while playing through even more challenging content
  • 20 new cutscenes
  • 8 new Home Interactive Events to liven up the Bergson family home
  • 26 new Home Idle Activities to keep the Bergsons occupied
  • 14 new Family Events and Quests in the Dungeons
  • 3 new Side Quest Traits
  • Balance changes and bug fixes

Just imagine how much new content you will get with Setting Sun Inn update and all of it for free! But according to the developers’ plans, that’s not the end. There is going to be one more big update in Children of Morta in 2020, so follow up our news not to skip them!

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