Clash Royale – How to Get Free Gems

If you have played Clash Royale at least once, then you probably know about Gems – a special premium currency that allows players to get a lot of useful things, as well as help in improving the deck and opening new cards. Each new player gets 100 gems for free at the very beginning, but how to get more gems, we will describe below.

Clash Royale Gems usage

Here you can see how can you use gems in Clash Royale:

  • Speed up or instantly unlock the received Chests. Every 10-minute interval reduces the cost of doing so by 1 Gem;
  • Purchase of Gold, Cards, Chests and Emotes;
  • Starting Tournaments and join Challenges;
  • Rerolling Quests more than once per day by spending 10 Gems;
  • Skipping the request time to send another request for 1 Gem every 10 minutes. However, doing this will make the previous request disappear.
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Clash Royale Gameplay

As you may have guessed, Gems help players get faster access to new cards and their improved versions, as well as the ability to participate in Private Tournaments. Therefore, the more gems you can get, the more chances you have to reach Legendary Arena and become the Ultimate Champion!

Purchasing Gems

The easiest way to get gems in Clash Royale is to buy them in the in-game shop. The prices are shown below.

Image in ShopPrice (USD)GemsNameGems per Dollar (USD)
$0.9980Fistful of Gems80 gems / 1 dollar
Pouch_Of_Gems$4.99500Pouch of Gems100 gems / 1 dollar
Bucket_Of_Gems$9.991 200Bucket of Gems120 gems / 1 dollar
Barrel_Of_Gems$19.992 500Barrel of Gems125 gems / 1 dollar
Wagon_Of_Gems$49.996 500Wagon of Gems130 gems / 1 dollar
Mountain_Of_Gems$99.9914 000Mountain of Gems140 gems / 1 dollar

The amount of gems are surprisingly big, isn’t it?

How to get Free Gems in Clash Royal

Clash Royale Free Gems

There are several ways to get gems without buying them for real money:

  • Inside Crown and Free Chests (2-4 Gems);
  • By completing Quests;
  • Can be found as a daily deal in the Shop;
  • Gems can be won from Clan Wars and Fantasy Royale;
  • The seasonal reward at 5225 Trophies and 6150 Trophies;
  • One-time Trophy Road reward at 900 and 2900 Trophies;
  • One-time rewards in some Special Event Challenges.

These ways are rare and you will need to play the game for a long period of time to get them.

Cheats, Hacks and Free Gems Generator

On the Internet, you may come across various sites that offer free gems for Clash Royale or apps to get them. At best, they simply won’t work, but everything can end up much sadder – your account will be banned and most likely a malicious app will harm your device or steal personal data, including credit card information. Therefore, be wary of such methods, or better just ignore them.

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