Cloudscape is Starting Its Final campaign on Kickstarter Before Release

Cloudscape is an upcoming survival game from Chris Gottron (aka Konitama) is now starting a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to support the final stage of game development. The developer plans to raise $50,000 in 30 days to get Cloudscape ready for launch. The game will soon be available on almost all gaming devices, namely Nintendo Switch, PS4/PS5, Xbox One/Series X and PC/Steam.

The developer does not deny that he was inspired to create the Cloudscape thanks to such famous titles as Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing. The game also combines elements of survival, adventure, crafting and social interaction.

Once on a deserted island, you have to rebuild everything from scratch on your own. First, find a way to hide from the monsters that strive to attack you in the night. Then provide yourself with provisions and find a way to grow your own food. And of course, in the end, you will achieve prosperity on your small island.

But as soon as it seems to you that the goal has been achieved, you will find a dungeon that will open the way for you to a new island. You will pass it not without difficulty because terrible monsters and obstacles have taken refuge there. For that, on the other side, you will meet other inhabitants and help them to restore communication with each other along the way, restoring peace around.

Cloudscape gameplay

The most interesting thing is that you can play Cloudscape over and over again. And the terrain and levels won’t repeat itself, thanks to the mix of procedurally generated and meticulously handcrafted areas, each experience will be different without losing the quality of a carefully crafted and designed experience.

Cloudscape Gameplay Features:

  • Explore a rich world with new exotic locales and unlock many new resources, tools and abilities to help take you further into the world.
  • Farm, Fish, Forage and Craft as you brave the wilderness and try to bring heaven to earth!
  • cute, whimsical art style created by a veteran of the animation industry who previously worked on childhood defining cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants
  • Many inhabitants to meet! Make friends, enemies or even find love
  • Fight to survive the night! Craft and uncover new weapons to help defend yourself in the dark, as well as through special dungeons made as a love letter to classic Zelda titles such as A Link To The Past.
  • Build a house, decorate it, fill it with stuff! Customize your look with different clothing
  • Catch bugs, tame and raise animals (you CAN pet the doggy!), learn to cook, dig for buried treasure, solve puzzles and uncover secrets
  • A special Nintendo Switch Physical Edition of Cloudscape available as a reward on Kickstarter! Konitama is working with a trusted partner with a track record of delivering on crowdfunded games to facilitate this.
Cloudscape gameplay

In this way Cloudscape took every great part from survival games and made it perfection with Zelda-like combat and discovery-based gameplay.

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