Cluster Jewels Changes in Path of Exile 3.11 Harvest

Cluster Jewels were added to a game in a past league called Delirium. They have gained great popularity among players thanks to their unique notables and keystones. Unfortunately in the new league, Harvest, they undergo the changes that we will cover in this article.

So what is a Cluster Jewel?

Cluster Jewels

This is a special kind of jewels that can be inserted into the corresponding slot of the passive skill tree. These slots are called “Large Jewel Socket”, there are only 6 of them and they are located on the very edge of the skill tree. Each Cluster Jewels has three unchanging enchantments: the number of passive skills that it has, what bonuses these nodes give. In addition, Cluster Jewel can be improved in the same way as regular jewels – magic or rare quality with up to 4 modifiers. Among these explicit modifiers may be bonuses to the small passives, notable skills or jewel sockets.

Cluster Jewel comes in three types:

  • Large Cluster Jewel – adds 8-12 passive skills, can have up to 2 sockets and up to 2 notable skills.
  • Medium Cluster Jewel – adds 4-6 passive skills, can have 1 socket and up to 2 notable skills.
  • Small Cluster Jewel – adds 2-3 passive skills, can not have sockets and may have only 1 notable skill.

Notable skills on Cluster Jewel are huge. Which one can roll, depends on the type of bonuses that are listed in the enchantments category on Cluster Jewel. Some of them have changed with the release of patch 3.11, how exactly can be seen here. Thanks to user u/ifnjeff who collected them all in one table.

Cluster Jewels in the Harvest League

Unfortunately in the Harvest League, it has become much more difficult to get the right Cluster Jewel. This is due to a number of reasons – Delirium encounters are now extremely rare, the Cluster Jewel drop has decreased significantly, and it has become even more difficult to roll the necessary suffixes.

Cluster Jewels Vendor

In connection with these, in patch 3.11.1, Medium and Large Cluster Jewels received a new feature. Now modifiers that give the number of sockets can no longer be obtained. They moved to enchantments, i.e. immutable part of the Cluster Jewel. Therefore, the new dropped Medium and Large Cluster Jewel will initially have 1-2 sockets and a chance for rolling notables will be slightly increased. Cluster Jewel, which fell before this patch, you can sell the vendor to get similar, but with sockets.

This long-awaited change makes Cluster Jewel crafting much less costly and will allow SSF leagues players to get the desired jewel without fantastic luck, and in normal leagues, they will reduce the cost of good Cluster Jewels and make them more accessible to players.

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