Code Vein Review

Thanks to lockdown, I had free time to go through games for which I hadn’t enough time before. And yesterday I finally passed CODE VEIN from
BANDAI NAMCO. The game turned out to be an excellent representative of the Souls-like game, and for me, it was even able to surpass in some aspects the Dark Souls series. I will share my impressions in this brief review.

Code Vein Cinematics

My personal waifu

Character creation should be given special attention. The game has a really good editor, you can create almost any anime character of any manga or series. Although sometimes bright characters spoil a little the dark atmosphere of the game, which is trying to drag the player into the abyss of hopelessness and despair.

Code Vein Gameplay

The developers quite interestingly approached the presentation of the lore and plot in the game. With the help of Vestige, the characters reveal their true appearance and the player becomes clear what exactly led this world to disaster.

Taste their blood

In my opinion, the main feature of the game is the Blood Code. Ability to choose one of the available Blood Code at any time. At the same time, using almost any gift makes customization of builds truly unique. For those who don’t know, Blood Code is a kind of specialization or classes in the game. Each has its own pros and cons and its own playing style. The only thing missing is an improvement in character skills, it all comes down to Blood Codes and Blood Veils, armour. There are relatively many weapons in the game, but there is not enough variety of types, so very quickly the game becomes a little monotonous.

Code Vein Vestige

Another thing worth mentioning is the partner system in the game. Companions bring not only simplified passage but also an additional atmosphere to the game. Although AI leaves much to be desired, they more than once helped out by noticing secret paths and items hidden in locations.


CODE VEIN is an excellent replacement for Dark Souls, which unfortunately are very few at the moment. An interesting world and its unique inhabitants with their stories, dangerous locations and good bosses are worth it to complete the game at least once.

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    82Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Lots of build variations
      • Co-op AI
      • Lacking deep character progression
      • Few weapon types
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