Cyberpunk 2077 Guide for Beginners

As a newbie to Cyberpunk 2077 you might have some questions regarding gameplay, missions, builds etc. In this post, we will try to explain the basics of Cyberpunk 2077 to let you become the start of Night City.

Cyberpunk 2077 Difficulties

Cyberpunk 2077 Difficulties

There are four difficulties in Cyberpunk 2077: easy, normal, hard, very hard. IF you are a beginner we recommend you start from Normal as Easy is design for the story only. While Normal has some straggling parts. Still, if you feel confident in single-player shooters you can play on Hard. But it is situational because you are required to learn fast and shoot well. Very Hard difficulty is not recommended for newbies as it requires a deep understanding of gameplay features.

Save the game manually

There are autosaves in Cyberpunk 2077 but due to some issues, they may be not effective. First of all, the game may autosave long before your character dies. Second of all, if you use cloud saves they can delete autosaves. So it is strongly recommended to manually save before you start something important.

Remember that you cannot save during the battle or dialogues. But if you managed to hide from the enemies and your minimap is not red anymore you can save.

Complete VR tutorial

Complete VR tutorial

When you actually start playing after the intro and cinematic with Jacky. You will be on a task and Jacky will give you a cheap with a tutorial. Agree to complete it and make all four parts of it. There you’ll learn the basics that will make your gameplay more variative. You will learn not only how to shoot and fight, but also how to use scripts and avoid enemies.

Make the best of scanning

During the Tutorial, you’ll learn how to scan objects. They will give you a hint of what you can do in the environment around you. The objects that you can interact with will highlight with blue or yellow colours. Blue objects are consumables, weapons, or places that can be used to hide bodies. While yellow are quest objects that must be scanned or activated to proceed on a mission.

Level up what you like

It is not required to level up your perks or skills at once, so you can play a little bit to get to know what you like the most. On Normal difficulty, any build will work great so there is no need to surf the Internet for the best Cyberpunk 2077 builds. If you feel like shooting everyone with a gun skill it up. Or maybe you like to be a sneaky netrunner, then go ahead and be. You can be anyone in Night City. Well, on Normal difficulty, of course.

Still, you should not skip the alternative ways of obtaining XP and Eurodollars. You will find different side quests or items that can be hacked for extra cash. You will see them marked with a red square. Those can be laptops, wires, soda machines etc.

Heal up

You will find inhalers that heal V everywhere. Use them when you are on low life. V will heal outside of the battle only till 60% of HP. You can also take some perks that autoheal V even in battle like Regeneration perk. Even om Normal difficulty V can be killed easily if you don’t restore your HP. If you don’t have inhalers find other consumables, there are a lot of them in every fighting spot.

Carry different weapons

Different situations require different weapons. For some quests you will need weapons that don’t deal lethal damage, for example. Besides, what’s can be the reason for carry three pistols if you shoot from one and when you ran out of bullets there’ll be no way to shoot from another pistol that requires the same bullets.

Carry different weapons

It is advisable to pick one main weapon, take on an unlethal weapon and sniper gun or katana. They will cover all your needs for the whole game. Just don’t forget to craft bullets in time and upgrade your weapons.

You can also take some grenades with you. There are a lot of types and you can craft them yourself. But on Normal difficulty there’ll be really few situations where grenades are needed. And still you can make it through without them.

Clean your bag

Don’t forget to clean your bag from time to time. Firstly, you will get overloaded. Secondly, you can find good sources of money or resources there. A lot of items in your bag will be marked as ‘junk’ you can sell or scrap them at once. There is also a Scrapper perk that scraps all the junk automatically. I think it is worth levelling because even though some junk pieces are expensive you will find a lot of weapons that will give you more credits. So if you are going to craft items and don’t want to use your time on sorting junk Scrapper perk is a great solution. In case you look at junk as a source of extra Eurodollars don’t level Scrapper perk and get rid of it the way you want.

On the other hand, you can find some good piece of gear that you can use to replace the old once. Enemies drop better cloths all the time. So there is really no need to shop. The only thing you’ll need your money for is getting implants. They are expensive and extremely useful.

Follow the Minimap

The map is your best friend in Night City. Three you will see all possible objects and points of interest on a map. Also, there you’ll see missions, orders and other jobs. Click on one of them (don’t forget to check the difficulty before you go) and you’ll see the whole path to that place on a minimap.

Follow the yellow marks to get to the needed place. Don’t worry if you miss the turn, the root will be recalculated and change. You can see more information about Night City map here.

And lastly, we will add some general tips. Don’t be much afraid of police in Night City. If you kill someone or make illegal actions they will hunt for you and you’ll see that a minimap is gone blue with police signs. Just go and hide or drive away without being seen by the police. When the minimap is back to normal everyone has forgotten about your sins forever.

Dialogues don’t influence the game that much. Only when you see Johnny in dialogues it can be important. But if you see the dialogue line with time restrictions your answer will hardly influence the situation in the final cause. It can only make the things work differently in this specific moment, like you can avoid or provoke the fight. But when it comes to the result it is the same (if not the final part of the game, that lead to several endings).

If you enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 go and see over other posts about it.

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