Dawn of Man Review

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the primitive world. Start your journey at the origins of civilization and develop up to the Iron Age along with Dawn of Man. In our review, you will know more about the game and its gameplay.

Dawn of Man is a unique game about the development of civilization. And although you will not be able to build a space rocket, you will learn everything about housekeeping and taming animals. There are several modes in the game that will allow you to open new boundaries of possibilities in Dawn of Man. But the main focus, of course, is on development and the transition from a collective way of life to a productive one.

Dawn of Man Gameplay

You will begin your journey as a small village whose main task is to survive. The threat will lie in wait at every step, whether it is a cave tiger or an ordinary winter itself. But you should not despair, because it can cost you your life. Craft weapons and primitive tools from scrap materials. Equip your squad and go hunting, so you will provide yourself with food, skin and broaden your horizons.

Technologies and development

Dawn of Man has a system of technological development. Every time you do something new, survive the winter, or improve in some skill, your people receive technology points. The full Techs tree you can see below.

Dawn of Man Technologies and development

Your village will be visited by a merchant and sometimes you can exchange new technology from him. Yes, it is to exchange, because in the game trade is represented in the barter system. Each product will have its own notional value and you will be able to exchange your products with the same value.

But let’s get back to technology. The tree itself looks quite clear and simple. But in no case will you mindlessly pump in the first skill you come across. Everything should help your people to live better quality. That is, to help here and now. For example, if all hunting grounds and fertile lands are on the neighbouring shore, then first you should learn how to make a bridge, and then invest in the ability to plant fields yourself.

Crafting and the way of life

In fact, any resident of your village can do anything. You can influence it, but they themselves are good at it too. So you can focus on providing your population with everything they need to live safely and comfortably. These can be tools, food, clothing, shelter, clean water, ore, and much more. You can achieve this in many ways. First, you will be able to skin the animals, dry them and make clothes. Later, you will learn how to treat removed skin more efficiently and do better things. Finally, you can raise flax or sheep for the purpose of making cloth.

Dawn of Man Life

And this applies to any area of life in your village from food to safety. If you do everything right then your population will grow. New residents will join you or children will be born. But rest assured that you can provide for new residents. This is very important otherwise it can lead to a crash.

Also, do not neglect security. Over time, not only wild animals will pose a threat, but also raids from enemy villages. The more new resources you open, the further you move up the technological ladder, the higher the threat will become.

Dawn of Man Village

Build walls, gates, watchtowers and shooting ranges. Improve weapons, craft armour and always be on the alert.

We are sure that Dawn of Man will impress connoisseurs of the strategy and simulator genre. The game has everything to captivate you for a couple of uninterrupted hours of planning and developing your primitive people.

  • Summary
    81Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Realistic historical development line.
      • Interesting and rich management.
      • Wide and informative tutorial and FAQ
      • Camera controls are not as comfortable as desired.
      • Lack of narrative and engagement with other villages.
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