Desperados III Review

Despite the fact that I am not particularly familiar with real-time tactics games genre (the developers from Mimimi Games were able to surprise me). Their last game, Desperados III, struck me with its charm. The game has so many advantages and interesting points that it is very difficult to fit everything into one article.

Ruthless Wild West

I think it is clear at first glance that this is a Western-style game. This affected the plot, so you should not expect twisted turns and unexpected outcomes. Nevertheless, you cannot say it is boring. Constant skirmishes, tricks and funny jokes are an integral part of the game. The main character and his “partners” are well-voiced, and in addition to dialogues, they will give practical advice during the game. In other words, you will definitely not be bored.

Desperados III Gameplay

True freedom of choice

The gameplay perfectly reflects the atmosphere of a classic western. In addition to the shootings (which can be avoided), the player will find a wide selection of game solutions. How to deal with the current situation? Go ahead and arrange a massacre, quietly eliminate the enemies, or bypass them in a safe way. The choice is yours.

Desperados III Badges

Each character (there are 5 in the game) has a truly unique set of skills. And this is reflected in the gameplay. So where one character cannot pass, the other without problems using the features of the location and his abilities will neutralize the enemies. And when it comes to playing two or more characters at the same time, then there is where to roam. The tactical pause menu helps in this, in which you can set actions for the characters and choose when they will perform them.

The game has a large number of different bonus objects and as many as 4 difficulty levels. Some of them are quite complicated and will make you pass the mission more than once. But thanks to the excellent graphics and detailing of locations, completing missions repeatedly is as interesting as the first time.

Desperados III Cutscene

The game came out very interesting and exciting. It is perfect for both beginners and fans of this genre. And it will certainly make you forget about the time while you will go through the next mission!

  • Summary
    81Total Score

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    • Gameplay
    • Narrative
    • Graphics
    • Sound
    • Controls
      • Various ways to complete a mission
      • Great story and atmosphere
      • Minor character control issues
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