Diablo 2 Runes List

Diablo II has a specific system that can make your character even more powerful. In this post, you will find the Diablo 2 Runes list and tips about using them.

Runes are a special type of items that can be inserted into equipment. They have various bonuses, and when inserted into an item in the correct sequence create a Runeword. They are also used to craft various recipes in the Horadric Cube. It is not an easy task to farm runes so we have a guide that can help you, read Diablo 2 Rune Farming guide.

Diablo 2 Runes

Runes have their own gradation, the so-called tiers. There are 33 of them, as well as the number of runes – starting from the 1st tier El and ending with 33rd Zod. All runes can be upgraded one tier higher thanks to the recipe in the Horadric Cube. Runes before Thul are improved on the principle of 3 runes of one tier, as a result, a rune with a tier higher. For Amn runes and above, in addition to runes, you must have a special Gem for the upgrade. All the characteristics of the runes, as well as the upgrade recipe, are listed below.

Rune list

Clvl Required: 11
Weapon: +50 To Attack Rating, +1 Light Radius
Armor/Helm: +15 Defense, +1 To Light Radius
Shield: +15 Defense, +1 To Light Radius

Clvl Required: 11
Weapon: +75% Damage To Undead, +50 Attack Rating Against Undead
Armor/Helm: 15% Slower Stamina Drain
Shield: 7% Increased Chance of Blocking
Upgrade formulae: El Rune x3

Clvl Required: 13
Weapon: +2 To Mana After Each Kill
Armor/Helm: +2 To Mana After Each Kill
Shield: +2 To Mana After Each Kill
Upgrade formulae: Eld Rune x3

Clvl Required: 13
Weapon: Knockback
Armor/Helm: +30 Defense Vs. Missile
Shield: +30 Defense Vs. Missile
Upgrade formulae: Tir Rune x3

Clvl Required: 15
Weapon: -25% To Target Defense
Armor/Helm: Regenerate Mana 15%
Shield: Regenerate Mana 15%
Upgrade formulae: Nef Rune x3

Clvl Required: 15
Weapon: +9 To Maximum Damage
Armor/Helm: 15% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
Shield: 15% Damage Taken Goes to Mana
Upgrade formulae: Eth Rune x3

Clvl Required: 17
Weapon: +75 Poison Damage Over 5 Seconds
Armor/Helm: Poison Resist 30%
Shield: Poison Resist 35%
Upgrade formulae: Ith Rune x3

Clvl Required: 19
Weapon: Adds 5-30 Fire Damage
Armor/Helm: Fire Resist 30%
Shield: Fire Resist 35%
Upgrade formulae: Tal Rune x3

Clvl Required: 21
Weapon: Adds 1-50 Lightning Damage
Armor/Helm: Lightning Resist 30%
Shield: Lightning Resist 35%
Upgrade formulae: Ral Rune x3

Clvl Required: 23
Weapon: Adds 3-14 Cold Damage
Armor/Helm: Cold Resist 30%
Shield: Cold Resist 35%
Upgrade formulae: Ort Rune x3

Clvl Required: 25
Weapon: 7% Life Stolen Per Hit
Armor/Helm: Attacker Takes Damage of 14
Shield: Attacker Takes Damage of 14
Upgrade formulae: Thul Rune x3 + Chipped Topaz

Clvl Required: 27
Weapon: +9 To Minimum Damage
Armor/Helm: Damage Reduced By 7
Shield: Damage Reduced By 7
Upgrade formulae: Amn Rune x3 + Chipped Amethyst

Clvl Required: 29
Weapon: 20% Increased Attack Speed
Armor/Helm: 20% Faster Hit Recovery
Shield: 20% Faster Block Rate
Upgrade formulae: Sol Rune x3 + Chipped Sapphire

Clvl Required: 31
Weapon: Hit Causes Monster To Flee 25%
Armor/Helm: Replenish Life +7
Shield: Replenish Life +7
Upgrade formulae: Shael Rune x3 + Chipped Ruby

Clvl Required: –
Weapon: Requirements -20%
Armor/Helm: Requirements -15%
Shield: Requirements -15%
Upgrade formulae: Dol Rune x3 + Chipped Emerald

Clvl Required: 35
Weapon: +10 To Vitality
Armor/Helm: +10 To Vitality
Shield: +10 To Vitality
Upgrade formulae: Hel Rune x3 + Chipped Diamond

Clvl Required: 37
Weapon: +10 To Energy
Armor/Helm: +10 To Energy
Shield: +10 To Energy
Upgrade formulae: Io Rune x3 + Flawed Topaz

Clvl Required: 39
Weapon: +10 To Dexterity
Armor/Helm: +10 To Dexterity
Shield: +10 To Dexterity
Upgrade formulae: Lum Rune x3 + Flawed Amethyst

Clvl Required: 41
Weapon: +10 To Strength
Armor/Helm: +10 To Strength
Shield: +10 To Strength
Upgrade formulae: Ko Rune x3 + Flawed Sapphire

Clvl Required: 43
Weapon: 75% Extra Gold From Monsters
Armor/Helm: 50% Extra Gold From Monsters
Shield: 50% Extra Gold From Monsters
Upgrade formulae: Fal Rune x3 + Flawed Ruby

Clvl Required: 45
Weapon: +75% Damage To Demons, +100 Attack Rating Against Demons
Armor/Helm: +30% Enhanced Defense
Shield: +30% Enhanced Defense
Upgrade formulae: Lem Rune x3 + Flawed Emerald

Clvl Required: 47
Weapon: 25% Chance of Open Wounds
Armor/Helm: All Resistances +15
Shield: All Resistances +22
Upgrade formulae: Pul Rune x2 + Flawed Diamond

Clvl Required: 49
Weapon: Prevent Monster Heal
Armor/Helm: Magic Damage Reduced By 7
Shield: Magic Damage Reduced By 7
Upgrade formulae: Um Rune x2 + Topaz

Clvl Required: 51
Weapon: 30% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Armor/Helm: 25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Shield: 25% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Upgrade formulae: Mal Rune x2 + Amethyst

Clvl Required: 53
Weapon: 20% Bonus To Attack Rating
Armor/Helm: 5% To Maximum Poison Resist
Shield: 5% To Maximum Poison Resist
Upgrade formulae: Ist Rune x2 + Sapphire

Clvl Required: 55
Weapon: 7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
Armor/Helm: 5% To Maximum Fire Resist
Shield: 5% To Maximum Fire Resist
Upgrade formulae: Gul Rune x2 + Ruby

Clvl Required: 57
Weapon: +50% Enhanced Damage
Armor/Helm: 5% To Maximum Cold Resist
Shield: 5% To Maximum Cold Resist
Upgrade formulae: Vex Rune x2 + Emerald

Clvl Required: 59
Weapon: 20% Deadly Strike
Armor/Helm: 5% To Maximum Lightning Resist
Shield: 5% To Maximum Lightning Resist
Upgrade formulae: Ohm Rune x2 + Diamond

Clvl Required: 61
Weapon: Hit Blinds Target
Armor/Helm: Maximum Mana 5%
Shield: +50 To Mana
Upgrade formulae: Lo Rune x2 + Flawless Topaz

Clvl Required: 63
Weapon: 20% Chance of Crushing Blow
Armor/Helm: Damage Reduced by 8%
Shield: Damage Reduced by 8%
Upgrade formulae: Sur Rune x2 + Flawless Amethyst

Clvl Required: 65
Weapon: Ignore Target’s Defense
Armor/Helm: Increase Maximum Life 5%
Shield: +50 Life
Upgrade formulae: Ber Rune x2 + Flawless Sapphire

Clvl Required: 67
Weapon: Freeze Target +3
Armor/Helm: Cannot Be Frozen
Shield: Cannot Be Frozen
Upgrade formulae: Jah Rune x2 + Flawless Ruby

Clvl Required: 69
Weapon: Indestructible
Armor/Helm: Indestructible
Shield: Indestructible
Upgrade formulae: Cham Rune x2 + Flawless Emerald

As you can see it is easy to see the recipes for all of them using our Diablo 2 Runes list above. You will get them as drop in zones as well as rewards for some quests. Higher tiers will only appear in higher zones as you progress through game.

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