Diablo 3 Avarice Conquest Guide

Diablo 3 has a new 23rd season is coming soon. There are a lot of new features related to The Disciples of Sanctuary. And of course new sets and new challenges. One of such challenges is the return of Diablo 3 Avarice Conquest.

Also, please note that Avaritia Conquest is the same as Avarice Conquest but for Hardcore game mode. So the only thing you need to do to obtain Avaritia conquest is to follow the guidelines below but on Hardcore.

Today we will tell you how to complete Diablo 3 Avarice conquest. Check out our other post with the best builds to play in Diablo 3 Season 23 The Disciples of Sanctuary.

Preparation for Avarice conquest

Avarice conquest is one of those you cannot do without proper preparation. You will need to collect and equip items that will help you get as much gold as possible. As to complete Avarice conquest you need to:

complete a 50 million gold streak outside of The Vault or its Inner Sanctum

So the items that will help you multiple the number of gold that drops from trash mobs are the following.

List of items for completing Diablo 3 Avarice conquest:

  • Boon of the Hoarder (legendary gem). On the maximum level (rank 50) in has the following effect: 100% chance on killing an enemy to cause an explosion of gold. Starting from a minimum of 25%. At rank 25 you will also get 30% movement speed while collecting gold.

To get Boon of the Hoarder you will need to enter Greed’s Domain. The special location that might randomly open after killing a treasure goblin (remember to be outside a Rift). The Boon of the Hoarder has a chance to drop from the realm’s end boss, Greed.

  • Puzzle Ring (legendary ring). It is not a must. But it will help you enter the Greed’s Domain if you use the ring in Kanai’s Cube.
  • Avarice Band (legendary ring). Each time you pick up gold, increase your Gold and Health Pickup radius by 1 yard for 10 seconds, stacking up to 30 times. Thanks to this you will have an opportunity to save your gold picking strike.
  • Bovine Bardiche (legendary polearm). You may need it to open The Cow Level. It is not a must as you can try to complete Avarice conquest in other zones. But The Cow level can give you an advantage thanks to its upgrades. You can open it by using Bovine Bardiche in Kanai’s Cube.
Bovine Bardiche (legendary polearm).

You can easily work around the item component requirement by upgrading rare polearms on a Crusader alt. The class’ low legendary pool of the type will get you a Bovine Bardiche easily.

  • Leoric’s Crown (legendary helm). This helmet can be useful if you put a Flawless Royal Emerald in the socket.

As Leoric’s Crown increases the effect of any gem socketed into it by [75 – 100]%. And Flawless Royal Emerald socketed in a helm grants +41% Extra Gold from Monsters. So you can get up to +81% more gold from monsters with such combination.

  • Goldskin (legendary chest armour). It has a secondary affix that grants +100% Extra Gold from Monsters. That will give you a great advantage to complete Avarice conquest.

If you face a situation when you don’t have enough item slots to wear all of these items, try to use Kanai’s Cube in your advantage. Also, you can consider using Ring of Royal Grandeur (legendary ring) to reduce the number of items needed for set bonuses by 1 (to a minimum of 2). In this case, your damage and the set will not be harmed.

Diablo 3 Avarice Conquest Tips

After you get all the items or their unique bonuses you can try for Avarice conquest. But still, you need to make it work. So we have some tips for you.

Diablo 3 Avarice Conquest Get a pet
  1. Pick a proper location. Pay attention that you cannot complete the conquest in The Vault or its Inner Sanctum. So you need to pick another zone to farm gold. We suggest the following ones:
    • Ruins of Corvus (Act V) – but first try to run through it without killing monsters to trigger all hidden mobs as well.
    • Fields of Misery (Act I) – Start moving from the edges to the centre.
    • The Cow Level – We mentioned above how to open The Cow Level and that it has inner upgrades of the Fields of Misery (Act I) zone. So it can be the most effective way to farm gold there.
  2. Choose a pet. Open your cosmetics list and pick one of the pets you have. All of them will run and collect gold for you. So that will maintain your strike active.
  3. Choose a high Tournament level. Conquests are not easy to get, so it is obvious that you will need to have the full set and a good Diablo 3 build to farm the trash on the highest possible level. That will also give more gold multiplier.
    • Torment VI – 1600% gold find multiplier.
    • Torment VIII – 2150% gold find multiplier.
    • Torment X – 2900% gold find multiplier.
    • Torment XIII – 4500% gold find multiplier.
  4. Level up Paragon gold find bonus. You can easily make all the necessary changes to your Paragon bonuses to get the highest possible Paragon gold find bonus.
  5. Take some caches with you. Stack some rewards for completing high-level bounties to open them in case you need some extra gold coins to complete Avarice conquest.

These tips are appropriate if you choose to run and farm the coins from mobs. But there is another effective way to complete the conquest, which we will tell you about next.

Avarice Conquest The Cache Method

In order to make this method work you’ll need to collect a lot of caches or rewards from high-level bounties. After that you’ll open all of them and collect rewards. A great plus to do it with all the items we recommended above.

BUT don’t use a pet and don’t move when you open the caches or you may lose the strike.

So the list of the needed rewards in stock to try out Avarice Conquest The Cache Method are:

  • 57 caches (or 12 complete bounty runs) on Torment VIII
  • 46 caches (or 10 complete bounty runs) on Torment XI
  • 43 caches (or 9 complete bounty runs) on Torment XIII

These are the main tips that will help you complete Diablo 3 Avarice Conquest. As for the other Trials of Tempests conquests, we will write the tips later.

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