Diablo 3 Boss Mode Conquest Guide

This is one of the conquests you will see in the upcoming Diablo 3 Season. It is not as difficult as it seems but you will need to prepare for it carefully. In this Boss Mode Conquest Guide, you will learn the main tactics to obtain this conquest and where to find the bosses.

Also, please note that Worlds Apart Conquest is the same as Boss Mode but for Hardcore game mode. So the only thing you need to do to obtain Worlds Apart conquest is to follow the guidelines we have written below.

Diablo 3 Boss Mode Conquest’s aim is to kill all Diablo 3 bosses at max level on Torment X within 20 minutes. If you decide to do Boss Mode in a group (which is a wise decision) note that all party members must be present in the boss room if they want to obtain this conquest as well.

Boss Mode Conquest Tips

First of all, your build must be effective against single targets to kill them in around 30 seconds. Also, be sure to have fast move abilities and at least one good ability to clear trash packs. You will skip almost all of them as your task will be to find a boss, but still, you need to move through the packs quickly. You can check your build effectiveness by killing two bosses: Urzael and Kulle. If you manage to kill Urzael in 45-60 seconds and Kulle in 15-30 seconds then you are good to go. But try to kill them with all the members you are planning to do Boss Mode Conquest. As the number of party members influences boss health and toughness.

The best tip to obtain Boss Mode Conquest is to do it in a group. We made it successfully in a group of two, but it can be easier if there will be three of you. All must know the approximate location of bosses and split to find different bosses. Start from the hardest as then you will always know from the very beginning whether you making it in time or not. To restart the run you need to restart the game and start from the very beginning.

Remember that you need all party members be present during the boss fight, so when someone is engaging the boss fight, teleport to town and only from there accept the invitation to boss room. After that you can return to where you have been before the boss fight.

To make it easier for you to understand which bosses are the hardest and which ones you can leave for the end we made several lists where we grouped bosses by the time you spend to find and kill them. The first list consists of those Diablo 3 bosses that are hard to find and long to fight. The next list consists of bosses that can be hard to find or long to fight. And in the last list, you will bosses that won’t take much of your time.

Diablo 3 Hard Bosses List

In addition, we add some information that will help you find bosses faster.

  • Urzael – Starting from Tower of Korelan run through Westmarch Heights to find Urzael. Turn off any cutscenes from your options menu as it will slow you down!
  • Diablo – Get to The Silver Spire level 2 and find Diablo at The Crystal Arch.
  • Adria – Start at the Ruins of Corvus maze and follow to The Great Hall to fight Adria. But the location has a lot of closed doors that will slow you down.

Diablo 3 Medium Bosses List

  • Malthael – Get to Pandemonium Fortress level 2 and lead through the portals straight to Malthael.
  • Aranae – It is extremely easy to find her, but you need to navigate really fast as the way to her lair is long enough with several dead ends.
  • Belial – Go strait to The Imperial Palace from the City of Caldeum waypoint. The fight with Belial is long due to his phases. Firstly, you will need to kill his guards that spawn in the long sequence. After that you will wait long enough until he activates his second phase.
  • Butcher – In the depths of Halls of Agony level 3 you will need to find Butcher’s lair, the Chamber of Suffering. It can take long,m but when you see the bloody trail on the floor follow it to find Butcher.
  • Izual – You start at The Silver Spire level 1 and run through long coridors to find The Great Span where Izual is waiting for you.
  • Siegebreaker – You will need to run through many monsters in Rakkis Crossing. Assign someone with high speed and dashes for this boss.
  • Cydaea – You will go through several levels of the Tower of the Cursed to reach the Heart of the Cursed. Again you need to run through quickly to reach her fast.

Diablo 3 Easy Bosses List

  • Ghom – Find an NPC soldier standing next to a door at The Keep Depths level 3 continue forward to reach The Larde.
  • Skeleton King – Just run through The Royal Crypts to meet him in the end.
  • Azmodan – Run through The Core of Arreat.
  • Rakanoth – This boss is always forward and straight down the left path of Gardens of Hope 1st Tier.
  • Maghda – From the Road to Alcarnus waypoint you have to make a brief, C-shaped tour of the ruined city in order to reach the Lair of the Witch.
  • Kulle – You will be teleported right before the entrance to the Soulstone Chamber, where Kulle is located.

Diablo 3 Boss Mode Conquest Bosses Cheat Sheet

In or to make it easier for you we made a simple cheat sheet to divide bosses among your party members. Depending on how many players are in your group you should assign the bosses the following way:

Two Players

Player One: Urzael, Diablo, Aranae, Butcher, Siegebreaker, Ghom, Azmodan, Maghda

Player Two: Adria, Malthael, Belial, Izual, Cydea, Skeleton King, Rakanoth, Kulle

Three Players

Player One: Urzael, Malthael, Butcher, Cydea, Azmodan, Kulle

Player Two: Diablo, Aranae, Izual, Ghom, Rakanoth

Player Three: Adria, Belial, Siegebreaker, Skeleton King, Maghda

Four Players

Player One: Urzael, Aranae, Siegebreaker, Azmodan

Player Two: Diablo, Belial, Cydea, Rakanoth

Player Three: Adria, Butcher, Ghom, Maghda

Player Four: Malthael, Izual, Skeleton King, Kulle

That’s pretty much it. Just don’t forget to measure the time while you play.

You can find the best builds to obtain Boss Mode Conquest on Diablo 3 page below.

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