Diablo 3 Bounties and How to Farm Them

Adventure Mode gives players access to all acts and waypoints while disabling Campaign story and quests. Instead, players can research Nephalem Rifts, as well as special missions called Bounties. These special missions come in a variety of types, such as killing a specific enemy (including the Act Boss), clearing zones or completing events.

Diablo 3 Bounty Map

To see which Bounties are available, open the map by clicking on the “M”. There are 5 random Bounties available in each act, and if you complete them all, you will receive a special reward! Return to the assembly city and Tyrael will reward you with the Horadric Cache, which contains many valuable and useful items. Among them are blood shards, crafting materials and recipes, and exclusive Legendary items! Horadric Caches each act has a specific set of Legendary items and crafting materials (except Horadric Caches from Act IV – it offers a random reward from the other acts).

Bounty-specific Legendary items

  • Act I
    • Ring of Royal Grandeur
    • Mad Monarch’s Scepter
    • Pauldrons of the Skeleton King
    • Golden Gorget of Leoric
    • Sanguinary Vambraces
  • Act II
    • Coven’s Criterion
    • Gloves of Worship
    • Cloak of Deception
    • Illusory Boots
  • Act III
    • Burst of Wrath
    • Boots of Disregard
    • Pride’s Fall
    • Envious Blade
    • Avarice Band
    • Insatiable Belt
    • Overwhelming Desire
  • Act IV
    • Random Legendary item from the other acts.
  • Act V
    • Death’s Bargain
    • Soulsmasher
    • Helltrapper
    • Salvation
    • Pandemonium Loop

Bounty-specific Legendary crafting materials

Act IAct IIAct IIIAct IVAct V
Khanduran Rune
Khanduran Rune
Caldeum Nightshade
Caldeum Nightshade
Arreat War Tapestry
Arreat War Tapestry
Corrupted Angel Flesh
Corrupted Angel Flesh
Westmarch Holy Water
Westmarch Holy Water

It should also be remembered that the chance to get a Legendary item, as well as the amount of Legendary crafting materials, depends on the difficulty – the higher it is, the more rewards! In addition, there is a way to farm Bounties faster and more efficiently for more crafting materials, as well as a chance to find Ancient or Primal exclusive Legendary item from Horadric Cache.

Best way to farm bounties

First of all, it should be remembered that it is best to farm Bounties with builds that are very mobile since the main thing is not damage, but fast completion of missions. At the same time, you should not set the difficulty too high, because it is much better to quickly clear the act on T15 than to spend one and a half times more time on T16.

The fastest and most efficient way is the so-called “split bounties”. Four players form a group, and each solo cleans up one of the acts as quickly as possible. Once Acts 1-4 are cleared, players begin to separate Bounties in Act V, since this act is considered the most difficult and longest in time.

What is needed for this strategy? The first is a good build and gear so that all members can finish performing Bounties in their acts at the same time. To do this, remember that since there are four players, the monsters will be much stronger than in a solo game. The next point is to negotiate with the participants if they need goblins. Very often, participants in this way of farming Bounties inform other players in the chat that they have stumbled upon a rare goblin, such as Blood Thief (Blood Shards) or Gelatinous Sire (splits into smaller Goblins when killed).

You can also farm them alone, but that won’t be as effective as in group.

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