Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Class Overview

One of the most popular classes in Diablo 2 is Demon Hunter and there are a lot of reasons for that. In this Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Class Overview, you will learn more about this class, its features and builds.

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Demon Hunter Lore
Key Features
Demon Hunter Sets
Demon Hunter Builds

Diablo 3 Demon Hunter Lore

As a classic ranger Demon Hunter operates bows, crossbows, and traps to hunt down their enemies. This class strikes from long distance and is extremely effective against large groups of monsters. However, their only chance to escape the fight is by rolling and dodging enemy attacks.

A beast for the slaughter.

Those who call themselves demon hunters are not a people or a nation. They owe allegiance to no king. They are but a remnant – an echo – of those who’ve lost their lives to hellspawn. When their homes are burnt and their families butchered by demons, most newly scarred refugees give up on living – but a few bury their dead, band together, and swear vengeance.

Though they are small in number, hunters track and corner demons in the hopes that, if they can save even one life, their world will be better for it. At the end of a day’s hunt, most still close their eyes and have nightmares in which they see the horrors that brought them together: gore-caked claws, and men and women drowning in their own blood.

Awake, demon hunters see much the same. But, now, in the present, they finally have the power to retaliate.

They dare not dream of victory, or, even less likely, peace. And yet, they hunt. They can do nothing else. From Blizzard.

Key Features

Demon Hunters can use a great variety of ranged weapons from longbows, and hand-thrown weapons, grenades and even dual-wielded crossbows. All strikes are sure to be multiple, fast and deadly.

But ranged weapons are not the only part of Demon Hunter’s arsenal. Prepare to use mines, caltrops, or steel-jawed traps to soften your enemies and deal even greater damage. Especially when you use traps against single targets.

As for the defensive tactics. Demon hunters use shadow magic to hide in darkness or to strike unexpectedly. The other way to disturb a target is to use special battle tactics such as smoking bombs.


Special weapons that only demon hunters can use are the following:

Equipment Demon Hunter

Hand Crossbows, Quivers, and Cloaks. In addition, they can use longbows, daggers, crossbows, swords and even axes.

Demon Hunter Equipment Progression

But they better uncover their potential with Demon Hunters Sets of course.

Demon Hunter Sets

Demon Hunter Builds

In the post below you can see all the best Diablo 3 builds. We used a navigation system and you will scroll to all Demon Hunter builds automatically.

Demon Hunter Builds List

We will update the list of all builds for every class. So you will see only the actual information.

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