Diablo 3 It’s a Marathon Conquest Guide

This conquest is not hard and you may complete it easily with a bit of an effort. In our Diablo 3 It’s a Marathon Conquest, you will find everything you need to know to complete both It’s a Marathon Conquest and Better Lucky Than Good Conquest.

Also, please note that Better Lucky Than Good Conquest is the same as It’s a Marathon Conquest but for Hardcore game mode. So the only thing you need to do to obtain Better Lucky Than Good conquest is to follow the guidelines below but on Hardcore.

The only task of It’s a Marathon Conquest is to reach Greater Rift level 30. All you need is to find a good build and farm a lot.

How to complete It’s a Marathon Conquest?

If you are familiar with Diablo 3 difficulties system you know that there are Hard, Master, Expert and Torments. There are 16 levels of Torments so the 16th is the hardest. As for rifts or greater rifts, there is no maximum level. You can farm greater rifts increasing the difficulty each time until you reach the limits of your build or gear, but you can collect better equipment and push the limit. Also, there is an equivalent system between Diablo 3 difficulties and greater rifts levels:

  • Greater Rift Level 1 = Hard
  • Greater Rift Level 4 = Expert
  • Greater Rift Level 7 = Master
  • Greater Rift Level 10 = Torment 1
  • Greater Rift Level 13 = Torment 2
  • Greater Rift Level 16 = Torment 3
  • Greater Rift Level 19 = Torment 4
  • Greater Rift Level 22 = Torment 5
  • Greater Rift Level 25 = Torment 6
  • Greater Rift Level 30 = Torment 7
  • Greater Rift Level 35 = Torment 8
  • Greater Rift Level 40 = Torment 9
  • Greater Rift Level 45 = Torment 10
  • Greater Rift Level 50 = Torment 11
  • Greater Rift Level 55 = Torment 12
  • Greater Rift Level 60 = Torment 13
  • Greater Rift Level 65 = Torment 14
  • Greater Rift Level 70 = Torment 15
  • Greater Rift Level 75 = Torment 16
  • Greater Rift Level 76+ = higher than Torment 16.
    • Presumably, the same rate of scaling continues, and thus if there were Torments higher than 16, they would be roughly GR80 = Torment 17, GR85 = Torment 18, etc., with GR100 = Torment 21.

Before patch 2.4 Torment 7 was the maximal level and reaching this limit lied down to the conquest. Now the game has changed and there are a lot of builds that can help you easily reach and complete GR 30.

Best Builds to complete It’s a Marathon Conquest

You can complete greater rift 30 easily with any class set from Diablo 3. So the task is to pick the class that you want to play with. After that choose a set and collect it. Below you can see the links to all sets lists grouped by classes.

If you face any difficulties try to enhance your set by completing the set dungeon. You can see how to do that in our Set Dungeons guide.

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