Diablo 3 Kadala Guide

Diablo 3 unlike other hack and slash games have a particular option of getting great items in addition to farming. In our Diablo 3 Kadala guide, you will learn more about this NPC and how to use her services in advance.

Who is Kadala?

Kadala Merchant

Kadala is a specific NPC in Diablo 3 who you can meet only in Adventure mode. She also is a member of of the Horadrim. A quick reminder to you that Adventure mode has been added in Reaper of Souls expansion. The uniqueness of this Diablo III game mode is that here you can do Bounties and Nephalem Rifts as endgame content.

What Kadala does?

The only thing you can do is exchange your blood shards on a random gear item. You pick a category, for example, a helmet and start exchanging blood shards until you get the item you wanted. The results are random you will get magic and rare items most of the time. But there is also a 10% chance to roll a legendary and even a set item (and tournament exclusive as well).

Kadala Trade

Kadala Prices

As we have already said you will need to pick a category of the rolling items. Some of the categories have different prices. Here is the list of Diablo 3 Kadala prices:

  • Weapons: 75 Shards regardless of type (one-handed, two-handed, wands etc.).
  • Rings: 50 Shards.
  • Amulets: 100 Shards.
  • Armour, Off-Hand items, Shields: 25 Shards regardless of type.

Even though the rolling process is a random thing there are still some restrictions. For example, Smart Loot always tuns affixes to match the class of the buyer (unless they buy an item they cannot use).

Diablo 3 Blood Shards Guide

The only currency that Kadala accepts is blood shards. But what are they and how to get them? We will tell you everything you need to know about them further.

Blood Shards

Blood Shards serve as currency type used for trading with Kadala. You can recipe them from Horadric Caches (bounties reward received from Tyrael), Rift Guardians (rift bosses, you meet them at the end of a rift) and from Blood Thieves (a special type of treasure goblins that drop only blood shards).

There is also a maximum amount of Blood Shards that you can carry and it is 500. But you can increase your blood shard capacity and we will tell you how further. That is the may tricky bit. But we will tell you some tips on how to collect and spend Blood Shards more effectively.

Blood Shards Planner

First of all, you can make some research and count the approximate amount of blood shards you might need to get the gear you desire.

  • To do so follow the link. There you will see the table with all items the Kadala roll and the approximate amount of needed blood shards.
  • Don’t forget to set your class.
  • After that find the item you need by its name (use on-page search, Ctrl+F).
  • In the column ‘Average‘ you will see how many blood shards you might need to roll the item. And a need level of your character.
  • Also, you can change to Hardcore planner if you play on Hardcore as the numbers can change.

This is the main instrument that you will use to plan trading with Kadala.

Diablo III Kadala Tips and Tricks

And here is the list of tips to trade with Kadala more effectively.

  • Trade with Kadala only on the 70th level.
  • Star upgrading your gear with the worst armour piece you have.
  • Try to avoid spending shards on high-cost equipment type – Amulets, Weapons and Rings. Armour and Off-Hand items have the lowest price of 2 blood shards. Trading for them is believed to be the most profitable way to get missing items or set pieces.
  • To obtain craft reagents, the most optimal is the purchase of belts – 25 shards per item and only 1 slot in the bag.
  • Blood shard capacity can be increased. Cap starts from 500 and increases by 10 for each highest solo Greater Rift level completed. For example, after clearing 50 GR, your cap will be 1000 Blood shards (500 + 50 * 10).

If you still have any questions don’t hesitate and ask us in comments below!

Blood Shards Farming

The most optimal and fastest way to get Blood Shards is by speed farming Greater Rifts. First, optimize your character (it is desirable to have a full set, which can be obtained during the season journey). Then select the highest possible GR you can complete in 3-5 minutes and clear them, trying to gradually increase the GR level and the speed of its clearing.

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