Diablo 3 Monk Class Overview

A fresh breath in Diablo universe. Monk is a unique class, which appeared only in Diablo 3. In this post, you will learn about its main features and learn some great builds that will help you master the class.

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Monk Lore
Key Features
Monk Sets
Monk Builds

Diablo 3 Monk Lore

A melee warrior with a strong spirit, monk combines divine powers and strike with gods will and justice. Make your build as fast as you can to prove your might and powers.

The gods guide me. You cannot win.

Monks of the Sahptev faith train their bodies and minds so that they may become the foremost holy warriors of the land of Ivgorod. Within the cloisters of the Patriarchs, the monks endure harsh trials both physical and spiritual, proving their devotion and attaining unmatched focus.

Daily ritualistic cleansings help monks purify their spirits and overcome the corruption that gnaws at the hearts of all men. In the pursuit of martial perfection, they also hone their legendary balance and clarity, skills that allow them to master both unarmed combat and a diverse array of weapons.

After a lifetime of preparation, anointed monks are permitted to leave their monasteries’ halls to serve the decrees of the Patriarchs. The emblem on their foreheads marks them as survivors, achievers, and pillars of their society.

Monks embody the will of Ivgorod’s one thousand and one gods in every step and every strike. Taken from Blizzard.

Key Features

Monks combine healing and damaging powers. You can feel the flow of spirit and benefit from it with spiritual power. Make it knockout or disorientate your foes with fast and strong attacks.

Master Monk’s combos in order to make as much damage as you can. You can generate spiritual energy if follow the right sequence of moves.

With the help of mantras Monks can heal or empower themselves. You can use them in difficult situations to prevent death, for example.

The most important uniqueness of Monks is their speed and mobility. They can travel through the enemies and cross the battlefield faster than anyone.


As any other class Monks have particular items that only they can use. Those are Spirit stones, Fist weapons, and Daibo.

Monk Equipment

Spirit stones are used by the monks of Ivgorod to channel their energy and focus, allowing the power of their mind to seep forth.

Fist weapons allow monks to utilize their well-practiced hand-to-hand combat styles, but supplement them with knife blades, toughening hand wraps, or knuckle spikes.

Monk Armor Progression

As for Diabo, The monks of Ivgorod spend a substantial amount of time practicing forms with this weapon, and the value of their training is evident – when a daibo is twirled at lightning-fast speeds, scores of creatures fall before a relentless flurry of strikes from both ends of the battle staff.

Monk Sets

Monk Builds

In the post below you can see all the best Diablo 3 builds. We used a navigation system and you will scroll to all Monk builds automatically.

Monk Builds List

We will update the list of all builds for every class. So you will see only the actual information.

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