Diablo 3 Set Dungeons Guide

In Diablo 3 there is a specific system of set dungeons. Their task is to let players receive bonuses for the relevant set. Every class has several sets that can be upgraded by completing a set dungeon. But every dungeon is hidden and has a specific location. In this post, you will learn where al Diablo 3 set dungeons are located and what the conditions of their completion are.

A player must wear all six pieces (with Ring of Royal Grandeur you can enter with 5 pieces) of the relevant set and find the hidden entrance to the set dungeon. You can complete it in a group but it will count only for the creator.

Every set dungeon has at least three objectives (conditions) that a player must complete to get the desired set bonus. If you fail or your HP reaches 0 you are forced to restart. Set Dungeon difficulty is static (somewhere near T4 or T5), and cannot be changed. Set dungeons are the same all the time, you will see the same monsters, layout and objective every time.

Each set dungeon in Diablo 3 has three normal objectives and one mastery objective.

  • The first one is related to the number of monsters killed without dying. You can use abilities that prevent fatal damage and it won’t fail the dungeon try. In addition, death in a set dungeon won’t effect hardcore players.
  • The second objective requires a number of enemies to be killed or affected by a player’s skills (of those that are enhanced by the respective set) in a way that requires some practice to use effectively.
  • The third objective requires to use the advantages of the set or bestows an additional limitation, usually not being hit by a specific monster attack, affix, or crowd control effect.
  • Mastery objective requires beating all three of the above within a time limit (usually 4:30) and kill all monsters in the dungeon, which is slightly more than the first objective requires.

If you complete the mastery objective you get the maximum benefit and set bonus from the set dungeon.

Barbarian Set Dungeon Locations

Barbarian Diablo 3 Builds

Crusader Set Dungeon Locations

Crusader Diablo 3 Builds

Demon Hunter Set Dungeon Locations

Demon Hunter Diablo 3 Builds

Monk Set Dungeon Locations

Monk Diablo 3 Builds

Necromancer Set Dungeon Locations

Necromancer Diablo 3 Builds

Witch Doctor Set Dungeon Locations

Witch Doctor Diablo 3 Builds

Wizard Set Dungeon Locations

Wizard Diablo 3 Builds

You can easily complete all 28 set dungeons if you want. But if you are trying to complete all mastery objective prepare to retry many times and take some effort.

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